I would have gone with you through shadow

Through sorrow and through pain

If I thought it might have pleased you

I would have walked among the flames

I would have gone with you through heartache

But you left me on my own

I would have walked you through this darkness

But you left me all alone

You left me to my darkness

Alone, without, afraid

You turned your heel, and locked the door

Yet your words with me remained

"I love you, little Kitten

I will never leave your side

I promise not to hurt you

I will never make you cry

Do you know how much I want you?

How I need you in my arms?

How I love you like the air I breathe."

I fell headfirst to your charms

With your small seductive smile

And your chocolate eyes alight

I could not deny the love I felt

Not when it burned so bright.

But the flames you held soon changed

And charred the flesh upon my bones

The fire consumed my naïve heart

And turned my soul to stone

I cannot love you now

Nor any man to come

My spirit's wrapped inside itself

My heart waits for the sun

But in such a heavy darkness

What light can my eyes find?

The blackness covers overhead

I'm alone inside my mind

With memories of your words

And what you said to me

That "Kitten, babe, I love you

And as angels we are free"

But angels fall, beloved

They fall, they crash, they burn

And my wings may now be broken

But I'll fly when it's my turn