I want to thank you the Black Rider for writing a poem for all of us. You're a great friend.

I wrote this after I read Dumb writer's "Heroes". There are 928 patients and 25 deaths due to SAR in Hong Kong now. A lot of those are doctors and nurses who got infected when they cared for SAR patients. Their bravery and devotions are really commendable.
I also don't want to forget the medical students who got sick volunteering in the hospitals. The outbreaks make the medical field extremely understaffed and those students are brave to go help.

*This is a phone call I saw on TV news, from a doctor to his wife.*

Phone call by Princess Mulan

A mother at home
is taking care of her son
while making dinner.

"Mommy, can we eat?"
asks her son. The mother says,
"We've to wait for dad."

The phone starts to ring,
and the mother picks it up.
"Hi," her husband says.

"Dinner is ready.
Will you be home soon, my love?"
She asks her husband.

"honey, I can't leave.
I've to stay in the hospital."
Her husband tells her.

"why can't you come home?"
She asks as fear fills her heart.
Her nightmare comes true.

"I might have catch SAR.
I'm staying at the hospital."
He says forlornly.

The wife sobs sadly.
She asks, "where'll you sleep?
What are you going to eat?
Can I come see you?"

"I am not sure yet.
Do not come and see me, please.
I don't want you sick.

I will keep working.
We don't have enough people
and patients need help.

I will be back home
as soon as I know it's safe.
I always love you."

He hangs up the phone.
The wife cries as the kid asks,
"mommy, what is wrong?"