by Aveline

A/N This is just a short thing i wrote, it's a load of rubbish but i'm happy to hear your opinions!

She sits there on a gothically carved chair her big green eyes staring into the distance. Her room is dark and sad despite the fact that the July light floods through the french windows casting an iridescent light across her tear stained face. Her eyes and face are puffy with the amount of crying she has been doing. The lustrous new carpet is strewn with all sorts of objects and the bed is covered with a variety of but her knows the pain which she feels inside. The clock ticks on for hours but she doesn't move, she never moves. She see's no need for it now. Her long blonde hair cascades over her shoulders like an endless waterfall. She wears a silk red dress - he bought it for her but now she'll never see him again.
It's sad when your left by someone, it leaves you in an endless void. Your world is empty and alone. You want to go, you want to die.
She makes one last movement. She brings the knife to her wrist and makes one slit then another. The blood runs freely, staining the dress. It is the last thing she see's until the blackness sets in forever.