Black Hole
By: Meredith (French Poodle)

I'm am feeling sick right now,
My life has just turned upside down
I'm falling down a black hole
And I want to come back

I'm digging, scratching, prying to hold on
I'm suffocating
Down a black hole

My lungs are on fire,
My fingers are gushing red
My arms feel all swollen
I'm trying so hard

I'm falling now

I'm sitting at the bottom
Of this bottomless hole
Wondering to myself
How this went wrong.

I was a goody
You dug up my roots
and placed me somewhere

Sadly, I loved it
Loved everything

I loved my new world
You were so great
You still are
But something went wrong

As I still sit here and wonder
I think I'm getting it
Being in love fucks up everything
When it's your best friend