Let Me Be Me
by Aveline

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Some people have called me conservative,
But all i really want is to be noticed,
I sit around trying to play the good girl,
But i just want to be true to myself,
I do what i'm told,
I want to show the world what i can do,
I want to be something more than the average,
But i probably won't ever manage,
I'm always being kept down by other people,
Trying to keep everyone else happy,
Stuck in a dead end routine,
Life never changing from day to day,
I can't think of anything to say,
Faking smiles to hide my pain,
Nothing to lose,
Everything to gain,
Everyone thinks that i'm happy,
But how can they think they know all about me,
When they spend their lives looking only at themselves,
Wasting their lives away,
Fussing over clothes and money,
Not knowing what really matters,
I want to break free,
I want to let rip,
I want to let me be me