by Aveline

It is the colour of red,
It makes you feel crazy inside,
Mad feelings,
Taking over,
Taking control,
Your losing your head,
To that beautiful vision,
That stands infront of you,
Your eyes are dilated,
Your mouth is wide open,
your want is so much,
But it's something that you have no right to touch,
It's driving you insane,
It's all that you can do to hold back your scream,
You need it more than you could ever tell,
Her smell is exotic,
It's practically erotic,
Those eyes are so narcotic,
They're leaving you dizzy with desire,
You're forgetting the need to respire,
Your skin is covered in perspiration,
You almost want to escape,
But the power is far too great,
When she flicks her hair,
You can't hide that stare,
She's got that flair,
Her legs go on forever,
You wish she wouldn't say never,
Her smile leaves you enchanted,
You crave her like the way you craved candy,
Your suffering from an illness,
Your suffering from an infatuation,
Your suffering from lust.