- songshadow

My boyfriend keeps falling asleep during sex.

When asked, he wonders if I resent it and suspiciously lets me reassure him. Then we have more sex.

I'd read something similar somewhere, only I can't remember very well, on a lady... or was it a guy? Whose partner kept falling asleep on them during sex.

I have no qualms. It is pretty much my fault. I like to play and tease too much. Also because I get more sleep than he does, and have less places to expand them on. Only, it does make me wonder about other people whose boyfriends and girlfriends fall asleep during sex.

Another friend of mine once explained the only time he'd ever fallen asleep during sex, was with a Japanese college girl who was so insatiable that first time, that she knocked him out from sheer physical exhaustion and didn't notice until an hour after. The memory of it makes him shiver coldly. My friend is addicted to sex.

It makes me wonder truly if perhaps that will one day happen to me. That we will break up and he will retell to a much-younger friend of the cool Chinese girlfriend he used to have over beer and chips who knocked him out periodically during sex.

It makes me wonder who those other people are, and if they could explain to me why I can't seem to keep my boyfriend awake during sex even though he and I are pretty sure he enjoys it. Sometimes it makes me wonder if he would shiver coldly over the memory. But mostly, I'm touched and vaguely moved that he'd take the time and effort to make me happy even when he's plainly tired. It thrills me that he loves and wants me so, that we have so much (almost running the limit of too much) sex.

But then again...

Maybe we just need to move to a similar time zone.