Crystal Faerie Tale


Sweeping away, the colors flash and swirl

Nausea welling up and demanding,

demanding – asking, receding talking pleading

Soft warm hard cold

Shivering within the wind who comes upon the door

and talks about anything –

Everything and anything –

Archaic Fairy Tales from north patter at the edges

of her brain

butterfly wings soft and cool

And tries to remind, to remember

But something's stopping the rush of

Memories – Joyful and dark

Fluctuating with the seasons

she waits and sits forever alone,

Waiting…waiting, snow falls but disappears

when it touches the ground, already


Kittens and beasts alike crowd at her feet

but don't ask entrance to upon lap

for they know – of

Loneliness and cravings

But still –

Butterflies are still here

causing tears to well up but will not be

shown because nothing ever

will change until

it is time, and the lions'

mouths will open

…And the crystal door will open.