by Aveline

I look into your eyes,
Still grasping what i have told you,
Your stare conveys a million words,
Of pain,
My face is moist,
Unceasing tears,
Cascading down,
In salty rivers,
Your yells of anger,
I just can't block them,
My pleading cries,
Go so unheard,
You don't want to know,
It's ok,
I understand why it is so,
I don't know how it happened,
I never looked for it,
I've never felt unloved,
I've never felt unsatisfied,
It was a terrible mistake,
I know that i have made your heart break,
He wasn't anything special,
But i don't expect that to make you feel better,
You call me a whore,
You used to think that i was so much more,
I've brought it on myself,
In a mad moment,
My stupidity knows no bounds,
Can't believe that i'm about to lose the only one i've ever loved,
But i understand that i do deserve it,
Begging words wanting forgiveness,
Tumble from my lips,
You say it's over,
Don't want to have nobody,
Can't bear being alone,
You leave me there,
My knees bleeding in the rough gravel,
Can i expect less,
I'm nothing but an adulteress