AJ's birthday is coming up this weekend. I need to find out from her when she's doing her birthday party. You see it's on easter. I don't really know what to get her. I could always get her chocolate. See I love white chocolate. At easter you can get a solid white chocolate bunny for a buck. I love white chocolate. I also love salt. My taste buds are weird, I know. I love the smooth creamy taste of white chocolate. Yet I love the sharp tangy taste of salt. Especially the salt on preztels. The rock salt. Oh my god it's so tasty. Oh and I love brown sugar. When I make cookies I'll steal some for myself. Oh and I love this montreal steak spice stuff. I use it a lot when dealing with meat. Yeah yeah I can cook. That is I can cook most things. I cannot cook soup. There are no instructions for soup. I have ruined soup sooo many times it's stupid. But I still eat it. No sense in wasting food. I'll eat basically everything. Except citrus, I hate citrus. I hate the smell too. I went into the health store and started sniffing the aroma oils without reading the labels. I sniffed this citrus one and I couldn't get the scent out of my nose. I tried sniffing vanilla. Which you know what doesn't really smell right. I think vanilla extract smells a lot better. It's just like cinnamon. If you want to smell cinnamon you need cinnamon sticks. I used to make crafts with cinnamon sticks. Back at my first public school. My mom was a big helper there. So for the bazaars we'd make crafts. You know what I miss that school. But most of my teachers aren't even there anymore. When I went back there after grade 8. Only one teacher was there but she was leaving that year. Oh and Mrs. D was there. Only she teaches grade 4 instead of grade 6. She was such a bitch. I hate her. You see most of that school's teachers were cool. But she wasn't. She favoured the sporty students. I'm not one of those. But you see she made all the people enemies in the gym. Made everyone lethal. That's when I started to hate gym. Except dodgeball. I love dodgeball. But we don't get to play that in high school. I wonder if me and my friends could play at lunch. hmm.