As I walk down the
path of mud and grass, the mist
swallows the forest

I can see little;
I am lost. Where shall I go?
I am so lonely...

I am able to
find my way through the mist and
I reached a small pond.

It is fortunate
that I saw the pond, or else
I would have fallen...

The mist is getting
thicker. I must find my way...
There's a light ahead!

The light approaches...
it moves like a phantom, and
it slinks up and down...

Aha! It is just
my friend and his lantern...HOw
did he find his way?

He went through the mist!
Across the shakey bridge! He
did that...just for me...

"Why?", I asked him, and
he said, "Because I am your
friend. It is worth it."

"I couldn't just let
you wander forever here...
Alone; with no one."

Then, I said, "I was
lost...and...lonely. I am glad
that you have come here."

So, we stayed there for
a while, and then we helped guide
ourselves through the mist.

I finally got
back home! There were times whn I
lost all of my hope...

It seems silly now.
But, then, I was kind of scared. friend was there...

At times when there seems
to be no hope, at least I
can count on my friend.