This poem was inspired by the Placebo song, English Summer Rains, from the new album, Sleeping With Ghosts.

The poems are based on two letters passing between a couple who have been separated, but have promised to love each other forever.

The first poem is based on the feelings of one half of the couple, who is feeling low, deserted and very much alone. He feels trapped, and thinks that his partner is having a wild time, with new people, and without him. (This can be from the girl's point of view, I just imagined it from the guys P.O.V.)

The second poem is a reply to her partner's letter, telling him (or her) the truth of what's going on, describing her feelings, and letting him know for sure whether she really has forgotten about him or not.

The third piece, which will be posted by the 28th at the latest, will not necessarily be a poem, but will detail the couple meeting up again. (Assured to be very emotional)

I suggest that if you want, and more importantly if you can, you should listen to this song whilst reading. I think it will help bring out all the meanings and feelings involved.

Thanks, and enjoy.