Author's Note: Um...Yeah. This piece was inspired by one of those chain-email questionaire things (to get to know your little social circle, you know). One of the questions was, "What is most important in life:", and I thought this up a good 16 hours later.. After no sleep and such.

Love and Happiness

Love is a finicky animal,
tame when not captured and
wild when obtained.

Happiness is when you are
in lofe with life. You fear
nothing except the possibility of
losing the overwhelming feeling
of attention and admiration that
comes upon you ever day you
live your life.

The most important thing
in life is love and happiness,
but no one said it was a given.
They are not guarantees, there is
no warranty. They must be
guidelines to which a person
sets their life. One should
live their life remembering
that love and happiness are
earned, not given. Not many
can find both before they
are too old to enjoy either.


Disclaimer: MINE...
Extension: I meant to go further with this, say that people should live their life out just being happy and hopefully in love at the same time, and also that if you're happy, you enjoy life a lot more. A few of my friends learned this out the hard way, and I did, too. ^^ The only reason I DIDN'T put that into this little poem blurb is because I was writing this on a dry erase board in my room and only had so much room. Eh heh...