In the year 2076, space colonies litered the Milky Way, but not leaving its boundaries. The government's eminate takeover has inspired a new revolution in which the past is erased and the world starts fresh. While many agree with the idea of change, twice as many argue for the earths' preservational history.
"Erasing the past is as ludicrous as predicting the future. Without the past to tell us what's wrong, the future has no meaning!" an old man yelled from the crowd of comittee members.
A young man with sandy-beach colored hair and dark forest green eyes stared across the table at the senior citizen who opposed his suggestion. "The past would be rewritten to suit future plans, thus balancing both sides of the scale."
"How do you plan on doing this?"
"By any means necessary," came a light reply.
Hours passed, and slowly but surely the scale tipped in favor of space. More and more agreed with the younger while the experienced formed a pack, and even this slowly diminished. The oldest of the elders, who had been fighting for earth since the beginning, was soon the only one who defended what he knew to be right.
"I still say it's madness," the man said wearily.
The young man, still sitting at the head, pulled a revolver from a concealed pocket of his vest and took careful aim. "Then madness is the first step in the revolution toward a unified future." A single shot rang out through the hall before the comittee was released to their stations.


Diamonds glittered as they fell from the showerhead onto Kami's naked body, causing a cloud of steamy mist and shallow rivers to form around her. The beautifully sculpted young woman had her head tilted back and eyes shut, seeming to be caught in her own thoughts, her long blue hair stuck to her body because of the thin pearls streaming down on her. Emerald green eyes opened slowly to look at where the wall in front of Kami met the ceiling. She glanced around her, realizing just how confining the space facility all together was. She had been almost everywhere, and the showers seemed to be so enclosed compared to everything else. She shook the thoughts of nausea away and rinsed the remains of suds from her body, then exited the showers.
Minutes later, she sat crosslegged at the foot of her bed with her eyes closed, brushing her hair free of tangles as her mind raced through baracades, crashed through facades the people around her wore, and concocked new system figures. Her thoughts were burning through and creating loopholes, making everything unclear to her. She had never been so confused, but she had also never thought so hard on any given subject. She sighed, remembering how distant things seemed sometimes. Her eyes slowly opened to stare at her pajama pants, her hands working at tangles carefully.
Kami sighed again, suddenly feeling hollow. She remembered that Earth wasn't anything more than another object to her, though she had been born there. Her feet had never touched real soil and her hand had never broken off a fresh rose or leaf. Although her heart longed to leave space and return to Earth if only for a short time, her mind urged her to stay on the station, convincing her that more people needed her where she was. Being only 19 in age, she was given no hardship of tasks about the station, but she nonetheless ran errands for others though the government frowned on her actions. The government informants who she defied always vowed to turn her in, but had never followed through, nor where they going to. She kept to herself around them and could not be faulted.
A knock retrieved her recollection, making her hands stop in midstroke of her below-knee long hair and her heart stop beating. No one would be there to see her at this time. She wasn't due anywhere for hours. Was something wrong? Kami shook her head slightly, bringing her brush out of her hair. Nothing ever went terribly wrong. Who could be here, then?
Kami looked up from her white pants to the door, hearing the person knock again. She slowly stood and, still somewhat brushing her hair, walked to the door. Hitting a button lightly with her elbow, the door slid open to reveal a young boy barely older than herself. Kami blinked at him momentarily, recognizing him only because of her errands. She had seen him before, among crowds of strangers, and every time she had given a chance to look at him, he had been staring at her. She blinked several times before continuing with her hair, finally staring back at him as he said nothing. Slowly he stepped once, as if to move past her, but Kami firmly stood her ground.
"Excuse me..." he mumbled, motioning again to move past her, brushing her arm with his.
"What business do you have in MY room?" she asked, stepping to the side and back to block him once again.
"I was sent to talk with you..." he said as the young man looked up at her eyes.
The penetrating eyes of the boy startled Kami, making her gasp sharply. She mildly shook her head. "Talk with me...? Who sent you to talk to me? And what about?"
The boy paused and looked down the hall slightly. "May I come in...?"
Kami nodded somewhat, then backed away from the door for him to pass.
He made himself at home, sitting in a chair across from where Kami previously sat. Kami shut the door and sat back where she was, looking at the boy before her. She continued to brush her hair out, waiting for the man to explain himself to her. He showed no intention on doing so, staring across the small space at her.
Kami didn't feel threatened. Though she might have been in a confined area all of her life, she was still fully capable of defending herself if the boy proved himself to mean her harm. She sat patiently, then set her brush down and left her hands in her lap.
"You know why I'm here."
Kami stayed motionless. She didn't, but he wanted her to know already. He didn't want to explain.
"They think I need..." The man paused. "...counseling."
She blinked. "Rehabilitation. What have you done?"
He shook his head. "Not rehabilitation. They said that I should see you... That you could help me..."
Kami carefully reworded her sentence. "What are you trying to do?"
"I want to be a pilot..."