Shan...Where are you? Weren't we supposed to meet up here?...Rue stood outside the main entrance to the local park, glancing at his watch. He was supposed to meet with his tall, mysterious friend some hours ago, but Rue had been trapped in a last-minute-snag detention and wasn't able to get there in time. He was hoping that Shan was the one who was running more behind, that he would still come by. Dammit...I'm sorry, Shan...
He glanced up slowly to look towards the sky, only to see that dark clouds were starting to roll in. Geez, maybe I should just go to his house...He said that he really needed my help...Dammit!
The youth sighed softly as a wind picked up, blowing his mid-arm-length, ice blue hair to his left. In his field of vision he could see one of the many streaks of purple he had put in the blue locks that matched his eyes so well. He glanced up again to see the darkened sky, then started walking the 3 blocks to Shan's house.
He walked along looking up, lost in his thoughts. He said he needed help with his language studies, Rue thought quietly. He seemed so distressed...Is there something more? Maybe he... Rue stopped walking. Maybe...
He shook his head. No...He couldn't possibly like me...He's not like that...What am I thinking? Why am I thinking of Shan? Jeez...
Before he knew it, he was looking up at Shan's house, an incredible three-story, qide mansion. Rue blinked up and walked to the main front door. He glanced over at the call button, pressed it once, and stepped back, waiting for Shan to answer. A minute later, a very awake and sober man came and opened the door. He was much taller than the junior in front of him, having pale-green hair cut somewhat close to his head and light golden eyes. Rue looked up at Shan with an uneasy glance, while Shan's eyes gleamed with an almost angry shine.
"Where were you?" Rue asked. "You could've waited for me..."
"You were the late one." Shan moved out of the way so that Rue could enter the rediculously lavish living room. The boy in jeans and a black shirt stepped inside slowly, almost afraid.
"Why did you want to see me?" Rue asked quietly, not wanting to disturb the peace in the room.
"I'm failing my English class." Shan started for the only elevator, which was just inside and to the right.
"And you need MY help?" Rue questioned, starting after him. Shan pressed the button for the elevator. Rue frowned. "But you're going to be a writer. Why would you need my help?"
"English isn't my first language. I'm not that good at it."
Rue blinked towards the taller youth, then he shrugged and followed Shan into the elevator.


After two hours of being close to Shan, Rue couldn't sit still. He wanted to impress his overall superior, but couldn't go about it gracefully. Dammit all,he thought. He's picked up on everything so quickly, I don't think he really needed my help...Maybe...
Stop thinking that, Rue...Oh God, not fantasies...
Shan glanced over at a blushing Rue and lifted a slender, nearly accusing eyebrow. "What's wrong with you?"
Rue sat still with his eyes cast downward, his face a burning tomato color. "You don't need my help, Shan...Why did you call me here?"
Shan stayed with the look on his face, then looked away indifferently. "I think you've had something hidden, and you want"
Rue didn't try to lift his eyes. "You're the writer..."
Shan lifted his eyebrow again, then stood and walked towards Rue, who had a momentarily stunned expression on his face and then scuttled away, or tried to. Shan stopped his movements with a piercing glare of someone who would be considered an assassin just as Rue's back hit against the nearest wall. He slowly stooped down next to the boy, then let one knee touch the ground and leaned close to Rue's face, the soft green hair falling into his face and almost touching Rue's.
Ice blue eyes, in turn, grew large and almost afraid, causing their owner to tilt his eyes to attempt to avert the skewing gaze with no success. "Why...Why would you call me here..."
Shan's hand was quick to catch the younger's chin softly, his speech cut short. "You talk too much, Rue...And you ask too many questions. I have no good answer other than I needed help. If you want to make a scene and accuse me of trying to start something with you.."
He tried to shake his head. "I wasn't..."
The older boy next to him let him go and stood upright. "If you don't want to stay, I'll show you the way out."
Rue tried to scramble onto his feet, but only made it to his knees. "No, no! I want to stay! I just..I wish I could know more..About why.."
"I'll finish by myself if you'd rather."
He nodded softly. "Alright...I'll..I'll go..."
The pale-haired figure stood next to the elevator, waiting quietly for Rue to follow him, then let the youth go ahead of him and closed the door with a graceful move of his hand.
Rue watched carefully, standing just inside the door, not leaning on any walls. "You really don't have any other reason for my being here?..."
"Other than to annoy me, no."
Blue eyes widened in a hurtful manner. "Annoy?...But.." Rue's face hardened into a determined expression, eyes closing as if he could cry. "But you're the one who said he wanted help...That you needed help from ME!...And you're saying I'm annoying..."
Shan slowly blinked forward as the elevator lurched softly. "You talk too much..." Shan looked towards Rue, who was once again pinned under the glaring light of his friend's eyes. Before Rue could do anything, Shan was advancing on him again. Instead of falling to his knees from weak support, Rue backed against the wall just as Shan reached him and put his hand to Rue's right, cornering the younger boy. "Far too much...You keep arguing with me..." With that, he leaned his head down and kissed at Rue's lips roughly, instantly feeling how they were uncared for and clumsy even though the boy wasn't responding to the kiss. Rue kept his eyes open, unbelieving that Shan was truly kissing him, but he knew it was real. Shan Tri was kissing him, and Jesus, he was enjoying it. But Shan's eyes...
Shan looks so angry... Rue couldn't pull away even if he had wanted to. He wanted more than anything to comfort the boy before him, and he couldn't do so, he knew. Shan was hard to piss off, and even harder to help with the anger released...But what had made him so mad? Rue asked himself. Was it me?...Oh Christ...
The green-haired boy moved his head away and took a step back as the elevator stopped at the bottom floor. "I'll see you tomorrow, Rue."
Rue stood still, wide-eyed, watching Shan as he gestured for him to go. He finally found the strength to move and walked out of the elevator. He was then guided out of the house by Shan to the outside and given a final farewell nod, and then the door shut and Rue was left outside in the rain, his only shelter for the moment being Shan's porch covering.