Keiji grinned softly as he glanced at the clock, then stood and started to walk out. Hiroshi lifted his head from the couch pillow to look at his guest.

"Where are you going?" Hiroshi asked his younger friend.

Keiji beamed proudly. "I'm working the lights and sound for the play, Hiroshi-kun. I have to be there for rehearsals."

Hiroshi lifted an eyebrow. "You aren't IN the play?"

"I can't act," Keiji muttered with a faint grin.

"You act all of the time, when you say and look as if you're happy, but I know you. It's a fraud a lot of the time."

Keiji looked playfully hurt. "It's not all an act."

"I didn't say it was. I'm just saying that you'd be a good actress."

Keiji's eyes went wide with the female calling and he turned to look at Hiroshi, just to find him standing there with a small smile. Instead of wishing him luck, Hiroshi leaned his head down to kiss Keiji's lips gingerly, not giving him one of the clumsy, almost panic-driven kisses that left Keiji breathless. Hiroshi was glad to feel Keiji come closer to him for a soft embrace as they kissed, and he allowed it to deepen just enough for their tongues to touch before Hiroshi took a step back, holding Keiji at arms' length. He smiled lightly. "Good luck, Keiji...Be careful."

Keiji looked up with almost glazed eyes, then he blinked and nodded. "I'll be okay..."

"You better not trip on anything."

"I'm not a clutz!"

Hiroshi smiled. "I know..." He kissed Keiji's forehead. "Going home after rehearsal?"

"Can I come back here?" Keiji asked nervously, looking towards the ground with a soft blush across his cheeks.

His chocolate-haired friend was about to deny any further access into his house, but he had looked down and had seen the bashful boy before him. His harsh expression faded as did the words on his lips. "Sure, Kieji. Just don't raid my fridge again..."

Keiji lifted his head enthusiastically. "Arigatou, Hiroshi-kun!" Keiji leaped forward and hugged his love. "Ona!" He looked up at Hiroshi's stunned face, then dashed out the door.

A good half-hour later, Keiji was sitting in a chair in the dark, concealed room in the very back of the drama room of his school. It was the middle of a scene, and Keiji was bored. "What do they expect me to do up here all of this time...Read and fall behind...Dammit..."

A very soft knock interrupted his thoughts. He got up, went to the door, and popped it open to gaze at Hiroshi standing, or rather leaning, in a nearby door frame. Keiji blinked at him in the dim light of the path. "What are you doing here?"

"Can't I visit you, koi?..." Hiroshi asked, looking towards the play being rehearsed behind closed doors.

Keiji paused, having his mouth hanging open at his pet name, eyes wide just from the sight of Hiroshi in black slacks and a plain black button-up shirt, his hair softly matted from a comb he had used. Keiji slowly averted his eyes, feeling untimely idiotic. "Of course, but I didn't think you'd come here while I'm busy..."

"Let me ask you something, Keiji..." Hiroshi said softly. "Are you a good multitasker?"

Keiji was startled by the question. "Multitasker?" he repeated. "Um...Yes..."

Hiroshi turned his wolfish eyes towards the younger and smiled an almost frightening smile. "Good..."

His eyes went wide. "I..." He couldn't keep from gasping as Hiroshi started to advance towards him. He quickly turned and fled into the sound room, pulling the door shut behind him. Unfortunately, his weight against the door wasn't enough to stop Hiroshi from coming inside, but Hiroshi was quite graceful in entering, making little sound, while Keiji was falling backwards. Hiroshi dropped to his knees and fell forward to trap the younger boy beneath him.

"Shut up, Keiji...If you thrash so much, you'll mess up on the lights and have us found out," came Hiroshi's soft voice.

Keiji blinked up wildly at Hiroshi and tried to squirm away. "Hiroshi..."

Hiroshi paused, his head turned away a little, his lithe body pressing against Keiji's. "You don't want me to do this?" he asked softly, his warm breath going softly past Keiji's ear, causing a chill to run down his spine.

"I...No, I'm..."

Hiroshi froze, his eyes going osoft and close to hurt. "You don't care for me anymore?..."

"I didn't say that!" Keiji breathed, starting to sit up, or doing so and leaning as far as he could towards Hiroshi. "This is just sudden, dammit! Less than a week ago you were set against this!..."

Hiroshi turned his gaze to look down at Keiji with almost glazed eyes. "I changed my mind..." He softly bent his head down to kiss his questioning love with hungry intensity. This time he doubted that either of them would pull away.

Keiji found the sudden change in Hiroshi somewhat frightening, but also...He'd have to call it pleasant as Hiroshi let his hands wander under Keiji's thin undershirt. He gasped softly as Hiroshi tapped at his left nipple, his hungry mouth sucking at Keiji's neck, turning the soft skin a lovely shade of pink, Hiroshi seemingly bent on marking Keiji his property as he was beginning to moan and squirm beneath him. Hiroshi's hand left the hard nub he had been working at to just brush across the other, then let both of his hands scale down Keiji's sides and stop at the bottom of his shirt, pulling at it teasingly, still working at the mark on the side of his neck.

Pleased with the darkened mark on Keiji's neck, Hiroshi slowly moved his hands up Keiji's chest, the shirt pooling on his wrists. Keiji merely arched his back to help remove the two articles of clothing that covered his torso. Hiroshi growled softly at the sight of a helpless-before-him Keiji and slowly lowered his head to lick and suck at Keiji's ignored right nipple. He heard a sharp, pained gasp come from his love as he bit him, and Hiroshi froze with his lips just barely touching the sensitive stub. He stayed still and silent, hearing Keiji pant softly and feeling his heart pound just below him.

"I'm sorry..." Hiroshi said softly, his breath warm against to Keiji. "I'll get your shirt..."

He began to move away, extending one arm off to the side to retrieve the pieces. Keiji, having not said a word about this, just looked up and watched, trying to deal with the flood of emotions that were starting to affect him. He looked towards Hiroshi, then he lowered his vision to see Hiroshi's covered chest. Keiji quickly decided that something needed to be done about that. Before Hiroshi could fully grasp the cloth he had offered to return, Keiji's hands leapt up and ran down through the parted sides, popping the buttons loose quickly before Hiroshi could reallymake a sound, and Keiji didn't stop there. Upon all of the buttons coming loose, Keiji's hands moved up the developed chest of the man, spanning from the middle at Hiroshi's belly button to his shoulders, then quickly down his arms, causing the shirt to fall down his arms. Keiji didn't even hesitate before he pulled Hiroshi's hands off the floor, making his torso collapse on Keiji, but he didn't care. Keiji had accomplished his goal. Hiroshi was surprised and shirtless.

Hiroshi started to lift himself to glare down at the small form of his love, but Keiji's arms shot up and caught him in a soft, sweet embrace, his head on Keiji's chest. He suddenly couldn't find the strength to move.

"I didn't say that this was a bad thing, Hiroshi...It's've never done this...It felt odd, but...I liked it..." Keiji said softly in warm gusts.

Hiroshi tried to move his head but found that it felt too good to be held by Keiji. "You..."

"I'm yours..." Keiji said softly.

Hiroshi smiled softly at the idea of the black-haired boy being his, his own personal slave...He tried to lift himself up, to at least get his weight off of the younger man, but found that Keiji had a tight hold on him, legs around his, arms tight, even his chin resting atop Hiroshi's head to still him. Keiji didn't want him to move. Hiroshi smiled again. "Koi, I can't fuck you if you won't let me move..."

Keiji's face flushed with embarassment as he started to let go of the brown-haired boy. "Gomen, gomen gomen..."

He slowly got back to his knees, straddling the smaller boy as he kept muttering 'gomen'. Keiji's eyes were averted and his voice soft. Hiroshi softly took Keiji's chin in his right hand, lifting his head slowly, his now almost incoherant chorus slowing, and then stopping entirely with a glance from his captor. "Stop apologizing..." he said softly. He then kissed the boys' lips softly, sucking at his bottom lip. "Do something about it instead..."

Keiji looked up towards his lover with silent intensity, then arched his back to push against him, pressing their lips together with so much force that Hiroshi actually had to lift his head away slightly. Instead of keeping the kiss harsh and painful for them both, Hiroshi raised his head away and quietly tried to silence the dark figure below him. He then softly covered the boy's mouth with his own, much more lovingly and tenderly than how Keiji had started. Keiji's face turned a little red, flushed with embarassment again because of his 'stupidity'. Hiroshi only felt the intensified heat from his lover, and just deepened the kiss that much more to make him forget his actions.

A minute or so later, Hiroshi slowly moved away from Keiji's mouth and left a wet trail of kisses down his jawline, sometimes teasing his flesh by breathing heavy on attended-to areas or biting softly on pockets of skin. He finally reached Keiji's earlobe, first softly kissing it, then nibbling lightly, and even sucking on the arch of his ear, savoring the traces of sweat that tasted of Keiji's very essence. Yes, Hiroshi thought, I'm definately going to enjoy this...

Soon after Hiroshi came to that conclusion, he started to leave another trail down Keiji's chest, for now leaving his nipples alone, which Keiji promptly whined at. Hiroshi growled a low 'later' before moving on, stopping at his belly button. Keiji squirmed softly below him, but now he didn't care. If Keiji was his, then he could do whatever he damn well pleased. Hiroshi's tongue delved quickly into the hole, once, twice, and then moved on. His hands softly trimmed around the waist line of Keiji's pants meeting at the button of his jeans, and he pulled it loose while he kissed Keiji's abdomen.

Keiji gasped softly as he felt Hiroshi start to pull the sipper of his jeans down, antagonizingly slow as he did it, Hiroshi slowly pulling it tooth by tooth, prolonging the inevitable removal of the clothing. "Hiroshi...I..."

Hiroshi didn't pause in his movements, slipping slender, cold hands slowly between Keiji's jeans and boxers, feeling the closeness of his member and becoming oh so tempted to tease the young boy more as his breath deepened softly. Hiroshi was starting to sweat by now, the darkness giving him little comfort; if anything, he wanted to hurry and leave the confining space. No, I should stop...It would be better for both of us if we waited...But god dammit, I WANT HIM!

Keiji's hands started to grip at his love's torso, urging him on with silent necessity. He looked up towards Hiroshi with tightened eyes, not saying a word. Hiroshi's eyes softened to a dull color before he bent his head low to kiss Keiji's lips tenderly. "Sh..." he said softly against Keiji's mouth. "I swear I won't hurt you...Just be patient..." He slowly made his way back down, lifting his body up to start to slide Keiji's pants down his legs, leaving his boxers, decorated with bears, on his frame. Hiroshi couldn't see the rather large bulge growing in his love's boxers.

Keiji squirmed faintly when a dim red light started flashing on one side of the sound-and-light control board. Shit, he thought. No...Why here... "Hiroshi...Hiro...!" he breathed, starting to get his bearings back as he made his way up. "Hiro, I...I have to..."

The dark-haired boy stopped with his hands on Keiji's bare thighs and glanced towards the face of the coffee-eyed boy below him.

"I have to...change the lights...I..." Keiji was breathing a little hard, probably more than he should. He pulled his legs free of both his jeans and Hiroshi's grasp, then stood in his boxers (with a bulge) at the panel. He dimmed the stage lights just in time. He rested his hands softly on the board, waiting for his next cue.

Hiroshi slowly stood, his lean frame towering with no shirt to cover soft rippling muscles along his torso and came up behind Keiji, lifting a slow eyebrow. He stayed behind the boy until the next scene started. He then slid his arms around Keiji's waist, starting to lean on the youth. Keiji gasped softly, straightening his back, hair starting to stand on end as an air conditioner turned on in a corner. The taller boy started to suck softly on his lover's neck once more, blowing hot breaths onto his neck, sending shivers down his spine.

It's incredible...Hiroshi thought silently. He tastes so good...He's so cold, though...I think I... He kissed Keiji's shoulder blade softly. "You're cold..."

"I...I'm nervous..." Keiji stammered.

"Don't be..." Hiroshi breathed softly. God, with how much Hiroshi wanted the thin boy now, it was a miracle that he had managed to be as ginger and gentle as he had been. By now he should be taken by lust to just take him, but his heart was forbidding it.

Hiroshi took a step back, taking Keiji with him. He smells good too...Hiroshi thought. His hands slid down slowly towards the waist band of teddy-bear printed boxers, skimming softly across toned muscles. Keiji moved slowly backwards, closing the gap between them in one fluent motion. Hiroshi's breath caught in his throat and he forced himself to swallow before he choked on the air. He softly nuzzled his head into the crook between Keiji's shoulder and head, his cold hands starting to slink under the thin band. His fingertips felt warmth just below, just from really being near the tender boy. Keiji drew in a shaky breath as Hiroshi's hands went slowly further, just barely brushing across curled hairs, making Keiji stiffen just below. The smaller boy noted for the first time that a hard pressence was pushing against him, just near his back. His eyes closed involuntarily, tilting his head back towards Hiroshi's shoulder.

Slender hands moved to each side of Keiji, palms turning away from the heated flesh to start to pull the thin clothing down from Keiji's body. Keiji stood still now, not wanting to stop Hiroshi again. Keiji caught his breath in his throat as the restraint was finally away from him, the cold air of the sound room making him shiver against Hiroshi. Hiroshi's soft lips were then against his back, his breath warming the skin below as he kissed the tender flesh. He's so sweet...

Keiji tried to glance towards Hiroshi as his hand softly brushed against his throbbing member. He was unsuccessful as his eyes closed. For the first time since Hiroshi barged into the room after him, Keiji was beginning to feel uneasy. Dammit, this is what I wanted..But...Why does it feel wrong all of a sudden?

His eyes closed tighter as Hiroshi closed a warm hand around him, his mouth opening to gasp but no sound escaping. I can't do this, he realized. I can't...It's too soon...I didn't want Hiroshi this soon, not..AH!..No, I can't!... Keiji finally found the strength within him to push away from Hiroshi, catching the older boy off guard. Keiji spun around and collapsed to the floor, curling up to conceal as much of himself as he could, while Hiroshi stumbled backwards a little, hitting his back againt a cabinet of sound equipment. Hiroshi winced a little before regaining his balance and glancing at Keiji.

Thinking for a brief moment that he had hurt the boy, Hiroshi took a knee and started towards the naked boy before him. Keiji tried to back away, successfully stowing away under the control board.

"Please don't..." he said softly.

Hiroshi froze in silence.

"I...I can't do this, Hiroshi..." Keiji managed to breath out. "You didn't want to do this before...I can't..."

The crouching boy nodded after what seemed an eternity. "I won't force you...I..want it to be good for you..."

Keiji lifted his sight to glance towards the man who looked hurt and lost. He bit his lip and looked away. "I'm sorry..."

Hiroshi gazed up a bit. "No, it's fine..." He smiled. "I'd rather wait for your consent and til you're ready rather than feel as if I raped you..." Hiroshi moved to pick up articles of clothing for Keiji, who slowly accepted the garments. He waited until Keiji came out from underneath the board to finish dressing himself, pulling on his shirts.

"Thank you, Hiroshi..."

Hiroshi blinked at him, then smiled. "I'm sorry for coming in here, Keiji."

"It's okay..." He grinned. "I enjoyed it, in a way..."

"I'm sorry for bothering you..." Hiroshi stepped to stand before him and softly kissed his forehead. "I'll see you back at my house, okay?"

Keiji looked up at a reddenned face with slightly widened eyes, avoiding the question with one of his own. "Hiroshi...Are"

Hiroshi blinked softly at the question, then smiled. "Yeah...You're mine, remember?"

Keiji smiled in return, feeling an irrepressable sense of ownership and hopefulness that would lift his spirits for weeks on end, probably more. Hiroshi kissed his forehead again, then his cheek, and finally his lips in a soft embrace before moving away and starting out of the sound room.

The black-haired boy sat upon the stool that had been kicked under the board, loosing himself in thought, trying desperately to forget how Hiroshi had made him feel in the last few minutes, the threatening bulge in his jeans subsiding after a good 10 minutes. Keiji could hardly keep his tears held back, the drops clinging to his eyelashes in tiny clumps as he controlled lighting.