Joan sat in front of the gate to Condre brushing at the ground. She pulled a seed out of her pocket and planted it in the ground pouring a cup of water over it.

"Ok, lets try this out."

She cupped her hands around the mound touching it. The dirt began to spread as a little vine broke through. The vine continued to grow blooms that formed into melons. Joan got up and picked one of the melons and walked back into the gate with a satisfied smirk on her face.


Firen was conversing with Othelo rather heatedly when Joan walked back into the garage. Ariel was cleaning her shotgun and reloading it. Joan walked to Ariel and nudged her from behind.

"I got something for you." Ariel turned around setting down her shotgun.


Joan pulled the watermelon from her jacket and handed it to Ariel. Ariel's eyes got wide and she grinned from ear to ear.

"Thank you!"

She hugged Joan and turned back to the table tying to pry the melon open with her finger nails.

"Here Ariel, back up for a second."

Joan unshealthed her sword and chopped the melon in half then cut those pieces in half. Firen and Othelo watched Ariel pick up a piece of the melon and bite into it.

"You guys want some?"

Ariel looked over to them and they jumped up running for the table grabbing one of the fourths.

"I still don't believe you old man. How is it possible for Joan to be some kind of 'Element' that is going to save the world from the way it is now?" Firen arched his brow and brooded to himself. "It's Ridiculous." Othelo grabbed Firen's hand and whipped out a dagger from his robe.

"H-hey! O-OW!" Othelo cut Firen's palm down the middle before he could yank it away.

"Show him Miss Joan." Joan sighed and gently took Firen's hand into her own hands and stoked his wound so it closed up. Firen stared at his hand blankly at his now flawless hand as Joan let go of it.


"It's seeming to a little more believable now, isn't it?"

"I'm a believer!" Ariel announced as her and Othelo both took a bite of their melon. Firen looked at Joan who had went and sat in the corner with Othelo's book. He set down the melon and walked over to her.

"Whats up with you?" She looked up at him through her sunglasses.

"I brought that melon for you guys, I don't want any."

"No I don't mean that, you have been acting nicer lately."

"It's the damn element." She pushed her glasses on tighter and looked down at the book opening it. Firen crouched down in front of her raising her chin to face him.

"No." He pulled off her glasses and looked at her eyes.

"Why hide such amazing eyes?" Joan blinked looking at Firen looking back her so intensely. They were interrupted by Ariel and Othelo going silent and watching them.

"Do you mind?" Firen looked at them.

"Not really." Ariel grinned.

"Please, continue." Othelo took another bite out of the melon. Firen rubbed his temples as Joan got up.

"Where is the Death element guy?" Othelo looked at Joan and rubbed his chin.

"I remember him being around the city of Teryn, he might still be there."

"Alright. We will get some sleep and go tommorow."


Gareth walked through his doors and looked at the men lounging around doing nothing.

"Do I run a lounge!? Go Find that girl and bring her to me!"

The men scattered out the door, as Gareth grabbed any who came to close letting them drop to the floor limp.

"Damn, dead people are no help."

Gareth sat down on the counter watching as the last man ran out the door as he grumbled to himself.


Joan looked around to see every one asleep. She picked up her coat pulling it on and grabbed her bag throwing it over her shoulder. She opened the garage door checking to see if any one was by the gate, when no one was she made a break fo it slipping through the chains. She was going to find out why this Death element wanted her dead, she didnt need a crowd tagging along.


Firen opened one eye making sure Joan was gone, he grabbed his bag and jacket running out the door. Last time Joan took off she got hurt, this time he was going to watch over her. As he got out of the door he saw Joan running up the ramp into the mist. He pulled on his jacket and took off after her. After he made sure she was a ways out to far to turn back he caught

up to her.


Joan turned around sending a blue glow where she looked. Firen slowed down walking to her.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm not letting you go off on foot by your self."

"I have survived going off with out some one tagging along plenty of times." Firen looked forward and started walking.

"Doesn't have to stay that way, come on." Joan got a displeased look and started to walk a step behind him.


Ariel sat up to hear screaming outside of the Garage. Othelo sat up and ran for the door.

"Othelo, stay in here. I'll take care of it." Ariel grabbed her coat and picked up her shot gun. She looked outside the door to see men kicking in doors searching for something.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" Ariel pointed to shot gun at one of their heads.

"The element, where is she?"

Ariel looked at the man, he was talking about Joan. She didnt want Joan to get snatched, especially since now she was really important.

"I'm the element." One of the larger men lunged for her and she pulled the trigger and ducked. She opened her eyes when she heard a splattering sound. She looked up to see the man still standing and walking for her, with no head.

"He's a freggin' zombie!"

Ariel kicked at the ground scooting away from the man. Othelo poked his head out

of the door.

"They are Gareth's men, He lets them live if they work for him." Ariel looked at Othelo.

"They are taking me, hide Joan."

She whispered to Othelo as the other men picked her up carrying her away. Othelo closed the door and scattered for Joan's sleeping area. He pulled back the covers and she wasn't there.

"Firen!" He ran for Firen's door swinging it open.

"Fi-...your gone too!?" Othelo slumped to the floor and scrubbed his face with his hands.

"What is up with these people."


Firen chewed on a wrapper of a bread packet. He was starving, Joan didn't stop once not even for lunch. The Over Cast was a distinct color of black, the mist had also set in. It was night already. Firen stuffed the whole roll in his mouth after opening it and turned to Joan. She had taken her coat off and sat on it. He turned away and balled up the wrapper from his bread.

"Firen?" He turned back around to see her looking at him.

"Yeah?" He said through an almost full mouth.

"Do you have family?" Firen jerked a little turning his head to the side.

"I don't like to talk about it much. Kind of like you." Joan looked at Firen.

"I had a brother and parents when the disasters started. I lost my dad to the earth quake and my

brother and mother to the mobs." Firen looked at Joan as she turned around lying down.

"You can tell me about your family when your ready." Firen smiled a little to him self and laid down next to the fire. She seemed to be opening up to him a little bit, finally.


Gareth walked down the hall way as he heard the vehicles from Condre returning. He watched the door as they came in dragging Ariel by her arms kicking and screaming.

"You morons! Let me go before I make you like your friend headless wonder over there!" Gareth cocked an eyebrow as they picked her up and shoved her to him.

"This isn't her."

Gareth waved his hand and three of the men who were holding Ariel fell on the floor limp.

"What am I going to do with this?" Gareth pointed to Ariel while talking to one of the men still standing.

"This? I'm a this? Is it not obvious I am a girl? I have you know I happen to have a name."

"Fine, what is your name girl?" Gareth had an annoyed tone.

"I don't want to tell you unless you ask nicely." Gareth gritted his teeth.

"Listen,girl, I could kill you with a snap of my fingers."

"Oh please, spare me. If I had my gun you would be dead with a twitch of my finger, so there."

Gareth looked at the girl in front of him with interest. She was afraid of him even a little bit.

"Do you even know who I am?"

"Your the element of Death, big whoop. You don't even look much older then me."

"I am very respected."

"Very rejected?"

"Respected!" Gareth gritted his teeth again looking down at Ariel.

"Soooooorry, jeeze. What crawled up your ass and died. It must of been the element." Ariel giggled to herself.

"My name is Gareth, stop being a wise ass child."

"Look dude, I'm not the dead one here, and I am a woman. Not a child."

"You look to be not even a year over twelve." Ariel growled and yanked her shirt up to her chin.

"Then what do you call these!? Leeches that attached them selves over night!?"

Gareth's jaw slackened as he stared wide eyed Ariel. Ariel reared back and punched Gareth in the jaw knocking him off his feet.

"You pervert! Your supposed to turn around!" Gareth rubbed his jaw furrowing his brow grumbling.

"You took your shirt off!"

"I was proving a point!"

"What, you have breasts?!"

"You wouldn't stop calling me child and girl! I am a

Woman, get a clue."

"If I knew your name I wouldn't have to go through this."

"It's Ariel, happy?"


"Great, now where am I staying?"

"Who said you were staying!?"

"I did, your night of the living dead crew drug me here, your respect for me you will keep me here ,feed me, clothe me, keep me clean and happy until I feel I have gotten bored with this place and leave."

Gareth grumbled as Ariel pulled her shirt back on and marched down the hall.

"Listen gi-Ariel, that leads to my room!"

"I'm sure such a nice guy as your self Gareth wouldn't mind giving up the luxury of a bed for little ol' me would you? Seeing I'm a child and still growing, I need all the comforts I can get." Ariel smirked and shut the door behind her.

"Damnit!" Gareth kicked the turned and walked down the hall way again. "Damn woman..."

Author's Note*************

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