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The Shellback

Review for Top Five Things Not To Do If You're a Terrorist:

Okay, I understand this is supposed to be humourous, but it's also racist towards middle-easterns, and I find that very offensive. You really think all terrorists come from the middle-east? Not likely, they come in all shapes and sizes. Also, you're insulting the intelligence of people by writing this. Seriously, if you're going to satirize terrorism try not to sound too much like an idiot, and come up with things that are actually funny.

1. No you don't 2. It's at the expense of terrorists who we all hate, what the heck does it have to do with Middle-Easterns? 3. How is it offensive exactly? 4. When did I say that? 5. Yeah, thanks for the lesson. 6. Okay, the people who read this are already stupid, they read it, duh! To anyone out there, remember, I'm crazy. 7. Oh, you're insulting my intelligence.