Bad Luck and Pain

Part II to Jhonas' autobiography

January 1, 2000 Midnight

We all cheered to bring in new years in 2000. It was right by the pinball machine when Max shot a champagne popper thingy. And, as this title has pain in it, it went right into my head. It hurt SO MUCH.

January 1, 2003

Let me state that next year, I'm staying away from the pinball machine. After everybody settled down after new year, I walked by the pinball machine and stepped on a toothpick, then I jammed my foot into the evil pinball machine of doom with Space Jam written on it. I flew into the couch in the other room.

My dad had to take out the toothpick which was extremely painful, it wouldn't come out at first, but finally came out and I had to limp to brunch that day from jamming my foot.

Sometime in 1996

As I got out of the car my brother stupidly slammed the door shut. RIGHT ON MY HEAD! I flew back screaming, it hurt A LOT!

Sometime in 1997

My biggest scar. I played tag in one of my friend's house with his two brothers, his cousin, and my brother. I ran away from Esteban and slipped, you know one of those metal things that separates carpet and tile? Yeah, my knee went right into it, it took me a couple seconds to get it out, but when I did, it bled a lot. I mean, it was oozing down my leg, the next day I had a big hole in my knee and it became a big scar.