More Pain

Guess what happened? Yes, as the title suggests I was in EXTREME pain. Let me tell you the prolegomenon(looked that one up, it means introduction). So, like at my friend Mack's house, me and Pat were there. We started swinging each other around on the chairs, the first person hurt was when Mack swung Pat around and he hit the CD rack, but that's nothing compared to my pain.

So, then we started like pushing each other from the chair onto the futon(bed thingy). So, like it's all fun and awesome...until me, as the daredevil I am, have to try standing up on the chair as they pushed me. Now, I blame Mack, Pat, and gravity for's everyone's fault but mine.

So, like they start pushing, and I just fall backwards, we should have had a camera, I'm told it was really cool. I did like a back flip, and landed on my arm, back, and head onto the hardwood floor. I frickin' fell five feet onto a hardwood floor! So, like I'm like rolling on the ground in pain and stuff. A week later, my back STILL hurts.

I couldn't play goalie because I hurt my arm, but it's better now. My brother tells me I have a high tolerance of pain, like I take pain really well because I've been in pain so much...I guess it's true, but it still sucks!