Chapter 1- "Prologue"

My name is Anna. It is the year 2005 and I am the president of the United States of America. But I am a vampire.

I shall tell you the story of my life.

It was the year 1609 in Transylvania, and I was the five-year-old daughter of the Count Olaf.

My mother was Countess Arethusa, and she was burned alive that same year.

It had been discovered by my father that my mother was obsessed with drinking blood.

My mother drank animal blood as much as possible, and she always told everyone she was drinking wine.

One cold winter night that year, my mother and I were drinking 'wine' during dinner. I loved the taste of that wine. Little did anyone know back then that it was actually lamb's blood.

I usually ate with my mother since father was rarely home. He was usually away because of 'important matters'.

A servant girl served mother some wine, but the girl's neck came too close.

Mother could not resist the temptation. Mother's canine teeth suddenly grew into fangs, her eyes turned blood-red. She bit into the girl's neck.

Blood flowed freely from the neck. Mother hungrily drank the blood. It sure looked appetizing. I walked towards the bleeding servant girl.

Mother finally realized exactly what she had done. She looked in horror at the girl. Then she saw me approaching, ready to bite, my fangs already bared, my eyes blood-red.

"No, Anna! You must not become one of us!"

Naturally, the girl screamed loudly. And since our castle isn't really such a big one, everyone heard.

I was scared. I suddenly lost my appetite. My fangs disappeared, and my eyes went back to their usual green.

All the servant boys and girls came running towards the dining room. They were armed with torches, pitch forks, rakes, knives, and other harmful objects from around the castle.

They saw the servant girl's bloody limp body in my mother's arms.

Then they saw mother.

Mother's fangs were still bared, her eyes were still blood red, and her mouth all bloodied, and her golden hair drenched in blood as well.

They saw me there as an innocent, frightened child. I was crying. I knew what they would do to mother.

One of the servant ladies picked me up and comforted me.

"Monster! Monster! Monster!" they all chanted.

Mother's fangs disappeared, and her eyes went back to normal.

Like me, she started crying as well.

"You don't understand..." she said.

"Monster! Monster! Monster!" they continued chanting.

Three stable boys proceeded to tie her up with a rope like an animal.

"Mama!" I screamed out.

"Be strong, Anna." she gently said. She knew it was her time to die.

Father burst into the dining room.

"What is the meaning of this? Untie my wife this instant!" he angrily told the servants.

They just looked at him.

Then he saw the servant girl's dead body, blood still flowing from her neck.

Then he looked at mother, her face and hair drenched with blood, especially her mouth.

"Arethusa?" he asked my mother. Tears were welling up in his eyes.

Mother, crying silently, whispered something. She was now fully tied up with rope.

"Olaf, Anna, I'm so sorry..." she whispered, as the servants dragged her to a pile of firewood.

She just lay there on that pile of firewood as though she were a piece of wood herself.

Then the servants lit the pile. I could see everything because the servant lady was still carrying me.

Mother was screaming in pain. She was being cooked alive. And I watched every second of it.

"Mama! No! No! Mama!" I screamed, tears flowing freely from my eyes.

Mother was no longer struggling.

Father came and took me from the servant lady. He brought me into the castle.

I saw that he was crying as well.

"I'm sorry, Anna. I never knew.. 'til today."

He sobbed.

"Papa!" I hugged him as hard as I could, and he hugged me right back.

We spent the rest of that winter night crying. It was the most miserable night of my life.

Luckily, nobody ever discovered that the 'wine' that mother and I were drinking was actually lamb's blood.