* Abit of poetic-license bending. A lot of fun. =)

The Alien Poop Song

I got eaten

By an alien

Nothin' I could do,

Till that damn alien

Had the sudden

Urge to visit the loo.

Now, it isn't

Like I'm even

Threatening to sue,

But you'd be grievin',

And complainin',

If you were alien poo.

Note: Something I wrote while attending a dead boring talk on cults (the speaker was trying to convince everyone that aromatherapy was cult-ish). Wrote it for a friend who wandered off somewhere while talkin to me on the phone the previous day. She didn't even respond to my desperate cries of "HAAAALLLLPPP! I'M BEING EATEN BY A BIG NASTY ALIEN! WHERE ARE YOUUUUU?"