Piano's Song

Midnight's lullaby put everything to sleep
Everything in this old mansion... except me
I awoke and entered my playing room
There it stood, still black and shiny

I gently ran my fingers through the keys
The keys of black and white
As I listened to the rain outside
I felt a sudden rush inside of me

I rested both of my hands on it and remained silent
My fingers soon picked up its race on the keys
The soft and strong tune echoed in my ears
I closed my eyes as I longed for a decrescendo

The piano's song kept playing
I opened my eyes as I stared at this corner
Everything was silent and still
Only the rain's splatter and the piano's song

Time ticked and hours passed
My last song for this night was coming to an end
Exhaust ran down my body, I couldn't help it
This piano's song ended and everything went to sleep

A/N: I realize this poem is kind of hard to understand. The poem itself including the title is a metaphor, also the genre is ANGST. Read it again now and see if you get it, if you didn't already the first time. =)