We have 1268 people infected with SAR now. 61 of them are dead. The number is still growing. Medical workers still overwork, under stress and too afraid to go home. I want to praise Pear's grand parents who work in the hospital.

Hong Kong's number of tourists had dropped 67% during last 2 months. Yet, a hundred thousand people show up at Leslie's funeral. There are fans from Philippine, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan; a few came all the way from Canada, America and Australia to see Leslie off. Fans fill the street from Funeral home to cemetery. All the crying fans say their love for Leslie is greater than their fear of SAR.

And if there is love, there is always hope.

(in memories of Leslie 1956-2003) by 木蘭格格


My favorite movie of Leslie is 倩女幽魂, it's very popular...it got 2 sequels and 3 TV series after it, follow by toys and it own animation.
Thanks, DUMB WRITER, ALMOST NIENNA, NEEDA S, we can never replace Leslie.
Thanks, PEARS, for putting my Leslie's poem on your favorite. Leslie and I are forever thankful.
Thanks, ARUIAS for noticing the words in my last. All of them are titles of Leslie's songs.
Thanks, BLACK RIDER. I watched 霸王別姬, although I'm not aware of the historical impact of that movie, I love it. Since I'm a martial art novel junkie, I love Leslie's 楊過與小龍女,射雕英雄傳 and 白髮魔女傳.

I knew Leslie's first movie is 寶玉 in 紅樓夢, but I was too young at that time...my lost...