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You say you enjoy the blood

Dripping out of the victims you choose;

Their terrified screams,

As you wield your sword.

But the truth was

You were only trying to find redemption;

To free your soul from the burning chains

Placed there long ago.

You say you try to escape

The silent shadow

Always there; always a step behind you:

The ghost of your ill-fated past.

You keep struggling to break free

Of the chains binding your soul

To the silent presence,

But you can't.

You say you don't know why,

But the answer was always there;

Buried deep down inside of you,

As you unconsciously keep it hidden.

When will you realize

That those chains you so despise

Were built by your own heart?

When will you realize

That it was your own soul

That bound itself to your past?

That by killing,

You don't break the chains,

But strengthen them?

And that even though the chains

Are slowly killing you,

They give you power as well?

Maybe never.

And so, the blood of others

Will continue to drip just for you.

But the rain that easily washes

The blood off your hands,

And cools your tired body,

Will never cool the burning chains.

And will never wash away your hate...