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"Ok, so I can do that. You give me five bucks, and I'll let you copy my English homework essay" Jim Dolson's face split into a grin, his nose wrinkling up as he squinted towards his sister Hannah, sitting on the porch step outside their 3 storey Victorian house, on the outskirts of East Florida.

"Please! " Hannah replied in a wheedling tone, staring at Jim sadly. She brushed her hair back from over her eyes where it had fallen during the argument, and looked her twin directly in the eyes.

"Please, I'm your sister, you owe me at least this one, after all the things I've done over the years for you" Jim shook his head sadly at her. "Hannah, I've let you copy my English homework for too long to actually let you or me, get any benefit out of copying it.

And so.." he continued, still squinting at Hannah from the shade of the umbrella on the lawn at the front of their house. "I'm going to start charging you ". He grinned at her slightly cheesily.

Hannah picked a flower, and tried to pick of each of its leaves individually. She had read that if you did that to a flower, the petals would float off and find your true love. She had never told Jim this, he knew she would laugh at him and tease her, which he could be quite malicious at doing; and she thought to herself she was surprised he didn't have at least one restraining order.

She laughed to herself, surprised at what she was thinking. Well, she thought to herself, he was the one being mean. She pouted, smiling on the inside. She finished picking the flower, and dropped the stalk on the floor, grinding it wit her heel, and then giving up. It was too hot she thought to herself. Using her hand as a visor, she looked round to where Jim was. She spotted him sitting on the swing, kicking up the dust at the base of the tree that it hung from.

"Do you want a drink?" Jim asked, before getting up and walking towards the porch storm door. "Yeah sure" Hannah replied, just get me a water please" Jim attempted to jump all 6 steps at once to get the top, an failed miserably, landing on his left heel.

"Crud" Jim cursed, making Hannah laugh slightly sadistically and smile at him, watching as he picked up one foot and inspected it for splinters, trying to pick it out with his fingers.

Jim shook his hair,, and put his foot down gingerly on the floor, before walking slowly into the house. He stepped into the cooler interior of the house, stepping barefooted onto the tiled kitchen floor, grabbing two plastic cups and filling them with iced water from their fridge.

He glanced at the clock on the wall, it read 2:33, only two hours before his parents came home from a seminar on anger management and why anger happened. They were both psychiatrists, and, laughably they met over a patient.

Jim smiled to himself, and picking up a cup sat down on the sofa in the living room. He reached out for the control, and pressed on. It automatically flicked to CNN and the news was on, with that annoying woman, sitting in front of a blown up image of a body with a sheet over it. Jim snorted. The woman, what was her name? Joanna Reynolds he thought. He could see she was trying to look sorrowful, but was really happy at the fact of having another top story to add to her list of 'people destroyed, and people pissed off'.

'And it appears that the surgeon has struck again, this time targeting an old man, living in the Washington area. As you all know, since the first murder, a chilling killing, in which The Surgeon performed what was called 'a live autopsy' an autopsy while alive for those of you who haven't guessed. This time the man was found inside a car, each of his major body parts severed and then pieced back together to form what looked To be a person in the drivers seat of the car. Where he was discovered by a patrol officer on highway 56, the officer pulled over, after discovering the car on the lay by, and was going to ask if he needed assistance, and discovered the dismembered body. In another of the surgeon's trade marks, the man's property, identified but not told to the news agencies, was apparently found with the man's pet massacred.'

Jim felt disgusted, knowing that 'Ms Reynolds' was relishing reporting all the gory bodies that have been reported over the past couple of months. At first, he had watched the news like everybody else, gawking at the different, and more maniacal ways that 'the surgeon' had killed people. But, he had got sick of it, as the victims counted up, so did his hatred for the news agencies.

Jim's 'deep' thoughts were cut off by a scream from outside. Jim dropped his cup with a thud in surprise, spilling the remains of the water on the floor, soaking into the carpet. Cursing, he ran outside, jumping down the steps towards his sister, now sitting on the sun-drenched lawn.

"What's the matter? I heard a scream" Jim asked, and seeing that his sister looked perfectly fine began to tease her. "awwwww little Hannah saw a spider and she's scared of them? Awwwww!" Hannah hit him, rather pathetically, and told him: "Shut up Jim, I didn't see a spider ok? I saw that". She said, pointing towards what was now sitting on a swing. Jim went white, following her gaze, as he saw what was on the swing. A cloud of flies rose up, buzzing angrily, and the smell was disgusting, it was like dog dirt, mixed with old diapers, and that stunk. Jim could see through the black cloud, and through it he saw the dismembered body of a cat, and where the head should have been was a dog's head, its eyes rolled crazily, its tongue hanging out. Right by the neck, Well, Jim thought, it didn't have a neck anymore did it? Was a scalpel, showing about 5 inches of stainless steel, sticking vertically out of the body. Jim shuddered, noticing that the dog was only a puppy. Who could do that to an animal? It was just sick.

Their neighbour suddenly appeared on the other side of the fence, his face blank. Nobody in their family liked him, he wasn't exactly welcoming. He was wearing almost all black, his face gaunt, and you could see the bags under his eyes. Jim considered him just a trekkie (no offence to any star trek fans out there) and Hannah just thought of him as a sad and lonely man, which was basically the same as a trekkie.

"I see you met my pet then"? Mr Francis asked, almost smiling. "Uhhggghh, so that's yours? That's disgusting. Why the hell did you do that you sick old man"? Hannah asked him, her face twisted in disgust.

"Can I have him back please?" Mr Francis asked, his face looking slightly sorrowful. "No! if you're going to do that to all your pets and then keep them, then I'm not giving it back to you, you'll probably try and screw it". Jim cut in, his face looking disgusted, his mouth was twisted into a sneer of dislike. "Sod Off!" Jim shouted at him. "But..t I just want him back, please let me take him back". Mr Francis pleaded, no longer smiling, looking like a kid denied of candy, his face looking like he was going to wet himself.

"I said sod off!: Jim shouted to him, staring at him as if he was stupid.

Jim started to walk over to it, he didn't know why, but he was sub consciously reaching out to touch it, his hand stretching out, trying to feel it with his finger tips. He was snapped back to reality by the sound of a car pulling up to the kerb. "Mom's home!" Hannah yelled, relief flooding into her voice. Jim and Hannah both scrambled up to their feet, running towards the car, which their parent were just getting out of.

"Mom! You're back! Where's Dad?" Hannah asked rather stupidly. "Oh! Didn't he tell you?" Their Mom asked rhetorically; "He left a day before me to get in early. He thinks that we weren't spending enough time with you".

"What, Mom! He hasn't even arrived yet". Jim answered. "If he set off that early then shouldn't he be here by now"

"Well no, of course not Jim ,he wanted to stop at the hardware store so he could by a shovel to bury us alive" Hannah replied to him sarcastically.

"Uhhh Mom?" Jim asked. "Yes Honey, what is it?"

"You might want to take a look at this, because we're under the impression that it shouldn't really be here".

Hannah grabbed her Mom's arm, and led her towards the swing, where the flies were still relishing the dog~Cat. Her Mom wrinkled up her nose "I don't know whether you find this funny, but it is definitely not to me. I want you guys to clean it up now. " Their Mom said, looking a cross between disturbed, and sick.

"B..But Mom, it's not us, honestly it isn't! Hannah replied indignantly, not wanting to be laden with the task of clearing this up.

"I don't want excuses, I want you to clear this up now".

She stormed off, carrying her suitcase in one hand, and walking towards the house. Jim raised his eyebrows at her, and shrugged, walking towards the house to get a bin bag.

Hannah was left standing there, looking slightly helpless, and sat down with a thump on the grass, waiting for her brother to return.
2 hours later

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

"ughhh I cant believe she made us do that, I think I'm completely covered in blood from that weirdoes carcass". Hannah told Jim.

Jim nodded but voicing his thoughts said "Mom wasn't to surprised when Dad wasn't here was she? I mean, wouldn't you expect her to be worried"?

"What are you implying Jim?" Hannah asked dangerously. "Nothing, it's just, well nothing." Jim answered strangely.

Hannah was too tired to care, and she walked slowly up the stairs and directly into her room, flopping face first onto her pillows, her breath tired.

She closed her eyes, falling asleep on the thoughts of the animal, or whatever it was, and drifted into an exhausted sleep.

&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\&/\& /\&/\&/\&


Five minutes later a man stepped onto the Dolson's front lawn, his feet making no sound on the grass. Stooping, he picked up a flower with no petals left on it, holding it up to his face. Dropping it silently, he started to climb the wooden porch steps, stepping up to the storm door. Twins, he thought to himself. Twins would make an impact. He smiled. Tonight the surgeon was going to make a kill. Tonight Hannah Dolson would die.