- By BlueMage

What's wrong with me? Why is it that people doesn't like me? I've been here for so long, but nobody has reviewed me yet… Is it my plot? My grammar? My summary? What is it about me that make people hate me so?

I don't even know if they read me.

Maybe it's my title? I don't know… I know that maybe I don't have the best of titles, but I still feel that it's my title, and my name. Therefore, I'm proud of it.

… I can't hate it for not giving me any reviews. It is my home country, you know. I can't hate the ones who get plenty of reviews either. I'm sure that they deserve it. They're better than me.

I'm nothing compared to them…

So, whom can I blame? I thought about it for a long time, and the answer was simple; BlueMage.

If you don't know who BlueMage is, then let me tell you all about him. He's the one that made me as horrible as I am! He created me in this sickening form, and he didn't even bother reading me before he posted me.

Oh, how many sickening errors could have been fixed by hitting the F7-button? I don't know. Still, I suppose that I have to have a certain amount of respect for BlueMage. He's my creator, my god and my judge.

I pray that he's going to change me some day, even though I know that that day won't come. He's been moving on to other stories, and who knows? Maybe he makes them as horrible as me?

Oh, how I wished that I had been one of the more popular stories. Like 'The Dark Shore'! The Dark Shore has reasons to be proud. It's by far better than me, and it's all because of its author. You see, it has an author that cares about his stories.

Mine doesn't.

He hates us.

I just wish that he'd come back and save me. Or that someone would steal his password and go and fix me up. I wish that my prince on the white horse would come and say "Get up", and take me to the land of the reviewers. There, I would ask millions of people if they liked me, and my prince would fix every single word until I was perfect.

But that's not going to happen.

And I know it.

I thought that being moved to would be good, but I was wrong. It's the same. Nobody reviews me anymore than they did back in .

Some time ago, I decided that I had all the reviews I could get, and I decided to end it. But I couldn't delete me by myself. Only BlueMage and Fictionpress can do that, and none of them seems willing to do so.

I hate BlueMage. He wrote me as horrible as I am. It took him two hours at most to finish all my chapters. Just imagine if he'd spent twenty hours… I would have been perfect!

So, why have I been granted such lazy author, while others have authors who won't settle for anything less than perfect? What did I do in my previous life to deserve such cruel fate? Everybody tells me that a review doesn't mean that much, but they do to me! I've never gotten one! Surely, a flame would be better than none at all!

So, what will I do? I'll wait. I mean, what else is there to do? Fictionpress has something named 'Classics', and sooner or later somebody will see me in there, and tell BlueMage what to do.

Tell him to end me. Tell him that I'm so horrible that I can never be fixed.

Tell him to delete me.

What's the deal about writing us anyway? What joy can one see in creating us, and then leaving us forever? And what credit can one take for a story that writes itself? As a story I will never be able to change the world. As a pathetic one, I won't even be able impress anybody.

True, the pen might be mightier than the sword, but it surely doesn't help you when being mugged.