Flying, glinting under a sunlit sky
Delicately spinning on dancer's toes
Clad in pearly pink slippers
Stained with blood, a dancer's cry

Floating over the concrete,
Silken dress billowing
Much like light wings
Fluttering in the breeze
That rushes under you,
Every cold twist whispering
Icy promises against your skin.

You ride the winds with only a whistle
And a beatific smile.
Bending the air to your will and soaring-
You are a scrap of torn cloth

Fluttering through space
Or pressed against the wing
Of a gargantuan airplane

A tap against the window
And when they look out
All they see is a pearly pink dawn breaking
For you are gone,
Higher into the atmosphere.
Hurtling into thinner air
Where your breath is pure oxygen

The sun blazes behind you,
Lighting flaxen hair into a halo
Of billowing fire
As you twirl a solitary daisy
Between your forefinger and thumb.

Sweetheart to the heavens
And lover to the angels
But I can see hell in your eyes