By Kokeshi088

Author's Note: This is something… really… weird…. It's different, I guess. It's about the wind. But… although I think it's pretty okay for a poem, and I'm actually sure I could do… better… but, that's because I'm still *somewhat* on Writer's Block I guess. Anyways, It's sort of a spring poem, it spans across a day, a night, and the start of a new day, not exactly two days… I guess. Anyways, read and review, and I hope I can get off this stupid #%*&$! Writer's Block!

The grass is green,

The dewdrops sparkle,

As the sun rises to a new day.

And a breeze welcomes the day.

The children cry out in joy,

Mother says, 'Go out and play.'

They run across the springtime greens…

As a breeze lifts their spirits.

The boys run laughing happily,

A rainbow-tailed kite follows.

A girl points to the flying birds,

As a breezy wind blows.

But at night,

When the moon is high,

And stars dot the sky.

The cold wind moans.

The lights go out,

Mother tells you off to bed,

The children clamber up the stairs.

The winds move swiftly onward.

They dream of the West,

Of castles and knights,

Of saving the world as they fly.

The winds carry the warmth away.

And the sun rises again,

The clouds gray,

Rain falls to the ground.

As a turbulent wind blows violently.