Rainy Days

Rainy days,

Rain comes down,

Torrents, sheets,

Cold, wet, gloomy.

Pouring, dripping,

Water splashing,

On the sidewalk.

Sliding down the windows,

Beads of rain.

Dark, cloudy, sad,

Gray skies, puddles,

Step in one, get splashed,

Wet, drenched, soaked.

At home, inside.

Warm, toasty, fireplace.

Hot chocolate steaming,

Watching the rain.

Cozy, safe, bright,

Contrasts to the outside.

Darkness and light,

Ensconcing in an armchair.

Rain, rain, it's stopping.

Gray, light gray, white.

Pouring, sprinkling, dripping,

Rain, rain, no more.

Peeping behind the clouds.

Ray of brightness smiling.

Warm, toasty sun.

Shining the rain away.