A/N: Yes, I know that I am getting carried away with the events. I'm thinking that the plot is being lost, as Teresz had said. The plot is basically that Chrissy likes this boy, Aaron, but as time passes, more challenges come into the way, basically. Emily is trying to get rid of Chrissy and Aaron's past just...well, you'll see how it comes out. I'll slow the events down a little bit. Oh, and Emily is kind of like a psycho girl that wants to be in the spot light and is willing to do anything to get there. Chrissy is just someone who is is love with her friend, Aaron and is trying to live a normal life. Aaron is a geeky boy that is friends with Chrissy, and he got hit by a car (driven by Emiy) and is now in a coma. And I don't think that many people understand what I'm trying to get through from the title. It's named "Just An Average Everyone" because in this story, although everyone is a little odd or has something weird/strange/psycho about them, they are all just normal teenagers that are trying to live a normal life.

Chapter 12: The Boy in the Newspaper

Chrissy walked back into the empty and cool room. There was no noise besides the "BEEP" that the electrocardiograph made.

Chrissy slowly walked towards the bed which held Aaron. She pulled a chair near the bed and held his hand in hers.

Her mind wandered as she thought of a variety of things. She thought about school, dinner, Emily, the doctors, Aaron, and the newspaper.

Her mind decided to stop and think about the newspaper. What was the information held in the newspaper?

She couldn't take anymore of the wondering. There were countless things that the newspaper could have told of. She tried to remember the information: "Los Angeles Times. December 25, 2002."

Chrissy let go of Aaron's hand. She stood up and through the corner of her eye, she could see a shadow behind her. She swiftly turned around and screamed, "You scared the shit out of me!"

Emily was standing there, and stared at her.

"I love scaring people." she said calmly. Emily continued, "go to the library and ask Mrs. Cotts for the newspaper. I've already gotten it out for you and all you have to do is ask Mrs. Cotts for it. I'll see you around."

Emily turned around and walked out the wooden doors. Her heals clicked on the ground and the sound slowly faded.

Silence. *** (I skipped all the transportation because it wouldn't have taken ages to write and it would have been extremely boring too.) *** Chrissy finally arrived at the local library and directly looked for Mrs. Cotts. All the way to the right was Mrs. Cotts, sitting there with "Gone With The Wind" infront of her face. Her glasses rested on her nose comfortably and her red hair tied into a neat bun.

Chrissy took her time as she walked up to Mrs. Cotts. What should she ask Mrs. Cotts for?

Chrissy stopped infront of Mrs. Cotts desk and waited patiently for Mrs. Cotts to notice her.

Mrs. Cotts continued to read her book without noticing that Chrissy was there.

Chrissy cleared her throat, and Mrs. Cotts looked up from her book.

"Hi, I'm Chrissy. Um...my friend said that you are holding a Lost Angeles Times newspaper for me dated Christmas day of 2002." "Um, no, I don't think so." "But, my friend, Emily, she said that you would have it with you." "No, I'm sorry, but..."

Mrs. Cotts sentence was cut short by Chrissy's temper and impatientness.

"Listen! This newspaper holds some VERY important information! Just look in you're damn desk already!"

The library went silent and all the people turned their heads to stare at Chrissy.

Chrissy blushed as she turned and notice everyone's beady eyes were staring at her.

"Uh, sorry." she said to the crowd.

Everyone turned around again and when back to the way they were before.

Mrs. Cotts' eyes were opened wider than ever and she stared at Chrissy. She then looked down into her desk and reached her hand in.

"Ah, yes. You were right, I do have the newspaper you're looking for. Sorry for my very short memory." "It's alright." Chrissy lied.

She walked towards an empty desk and opened the newspaper. It said on the front page: Boy Kills Friends At Unsupervised Party. She looked at the picture to the right of the title of the article and saw a familiar face; it was the face of Aaron West.

A/N: I'm trying to slow it down, yet keep the reader interested, which is kind of hard. I want to leave them hanging! *Thinks* Well, I probably won't write chapter 13 for awhile because I need time to think of ideas.