Chapter 13: The Awakening

Chrissy stared blankly at the article. She wondered: How does this article have to do with Aaron? And then she asked herself, "Do I really want to know the answer to my question?"

Curiosity filled her head with questions. She couldn't take I anymore; she had to read the article, or at least skim it.

She searched through the article for a few key words.

She only needed to read a few words to understand what the article was about: "Aaron West. Accused. Murder. Two deaths. House Party. Unsupervised."

She thought to herself, "Aaron? A murderer? that cant be! He saved my life! he did kill these had he kept it a secret from me?"

Chrissy stared at the photograph of her best friend. Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw a 13-year-old Aaron West being escorted to the police car in handcuffs.

She tried to get the idea of Aaron being a murderer out of her head. She tried to deny that the article might not be a hoax.

Chrissy learned back onto her chair and sighed loudly. She stood up and grabbed the newspaper. "I'm going to need you when he wakes up," she said to the inanimate object. She left a few dollars on the librarian's table as she passed by: she was paying for the newspaper to keep.

She decided to walk the three miles from the library to the hospital. She figured that she would have more time to think this over than sitting in a taxi. She looked that the floor and walked towards the local hospital thinking about the information she had just read.

"This article is a fake. I bet it is. It's just one of those newspapers you can't rely on. Aaron wouldn't."

A honking car heading her way interrupted Chrissy's thoughts. She stared at it blankly as it came closer and closer. It immediately stopped in front of her and the driver honked the horn wildly.

She hit the car and yelled, "Hey! I'm walking here!" and walked away.

Finally, she arrived at room 321 of the hospital; one room away from Aaron's.

There was a noise coming from room 322, the room Aaron was in. It sounded like the TV. There was laughter too, Chrissy noticed. She took a few more steps and stopped at the entrance to Aaron's room; the door was open. When she got there, Aaron was awake and sitting upright watching TV. She stood at the door, speechless. It had been a month since she had seen his eyes open and watching TV. Aaron looked to the right and noticed someone staring at him.

"Hey Chrissy! How have you been while I .sleeping?"

Chrissy continued to stare at Aaron as if everything was just her imagination.

"I'm.I'm all right.I guess."

Chrissy finally realized that it wasn't her imagination. She was shocked to see and hear Aaron again.

Chrissy continued speaking, but this time, she didn't stutter.

"I see you've finally waken. It's been over a month!" "Isn't it great? Maybe we should have a party for us surviving the accident! Whoever was driving that car must have been insane to try to run you over. I mean, who would."

Chrissy stopped paying attention to what he was saying and remembered the article she had read previously about Aaron, the party, and him being a murderer.

She began to get kind of angry and sad at the fact that Aaron had never told her.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Chrissy asked. Her eyes were flooding with tears, caused by anger and sadness.

"Tell you what?" Aaron responded. His voice sounded shaky as if he was trying to hide something from her.

Chrissy threw the newspaper onto Aaron's lap. She was frustrated with him and angry too; why had he always kept this a secret from her?

Aaron picked up the newspaper and skimmed threw it.

When he was done, he placed the newspaper back on his lap and stared at it.