Learning: Chapter 2

The day went on as every other day. First quarter had just ended, so her schedule had changed. She read it aloud to Emily: "Mr. Roca, Ms. Simmon, Mr. Singer, Mrs. Pimp, Mrs. Bambadi, Ms. Kostashi and Mr. Hoe." Chrissy started to laugh at some of the strange names that were on her card. "Damn, I only have Ms. Simmon and Mrs. Bambadi with you." Emily said sadly.

Unexpectedly, Aaron tapped Chrissy on the shoulder. Chrissy turned around and was shocked to see him. "Thanks." "For what?" "For standing up for me today on the bus." "Oh, it was no problem, really."

Chrissy looked at Emily with a facial expression that told Emily to stop making stupid faces at them.

"I'm Aaron. I just moved next door to you." "I know. I'm Chrissy, as you probably know. So, which teachers do you have?"

Chrissy asked him curiously. They compared schedules and it turned out, she had five classes with him. Emily started giggling and Chrissy gave her slap on the arm to tell her to shut up.

As all three of them were walking to class, Mr. Fernando-Lopez, the school principal, stopped them. He said in a strong and confident voice, "So, Aaron has made a friend. You know, he came to me yesterday saying that he was afraid he wouldn't fit in with the crowd." Mr. Fernando-Lopez smiled and walked away with a simple wave good-bye.

"You were afraid that you wouldn't make any friends? But you're so nice!" "Yeah, but not everyone knows me, so they assume that I'm one of those nerds that never has 'normal' conversations and can't defend myself." He said in a firm voice.

The bell rang to notify the students that they had five minutes to get to their first period. "I guess this is where we split up." said Emily morosely. Emily turned right and went down the opposite side of the hallway that Aaron and Chrissy were going. "Mr. Roca, get ready cause here I come." said Chrissy as they spead up their pace going to room 231.