Bad Attitude, Good Reason

"You know, this is the third time this week that you've appeared in my office. Once again, a staff member can't take your attitude. What are we going to do with you?" She looks at me with bespectacled eyes, blinking in the light that's filtering through the blinds.

Big bloody deal I'm in here. I'm in here so often I could trace the carpet from memory. It's always the same reason.

They can't handle me because I out smart them. I always have a comeback, another question, an answer even if I haven't been paying attention or even sleeping. I pass my exams with flying colours. But they still can't stand me.

They think I have attitude. Well everyone's got attitudes haven't they. The only difference is mine doesn't fit in. Mines a bad attitude, an evil spirit in the school, corrupting minds and breaking souls. The souls of the teachers. They haven't any souls left to be grammatically correct. I ate them.

They try to punish me, to get hold of my parents, my mum, my dad. They don't care. I learnt that lesson long ago when I'd cry all night because of a nightmare and they didn't even yell at me to shut up. They wouldn't even wake up. When I was sick, it was a spoon of medicine and a plastic box by my bed. As far as they're concerned, I may as well not have existed for the past four years since I learnt to cook my own food. I get up before they get up and go to bed before they get home. I learnt to survive.

Sometimes it's cool. I can have parties for ages and they never know a thing. I've stayed over at friends' houses and I don't think they even noticed I'd left. I could die and it would take them about a year to realise they only needed to buy food for two. I bet they wouldn't even wonder where I'd gone.

So, so what if I have a smart mouth? A quick wit? A clever brain? A bad attitude? So what? I've got a good reason.


A/N: So this is based on a favourite quote of mine, "Bad attitude, good reason." I don't know who thought it up, but seeing as I got it off of a sticker I bought in a stationary shop, I guess it's sort of public domain. I'm thinking of doing a series, each based on a different quote. If you have any to suggest, post them in the review you are just about to 't you? (