This story is based off of this dream I had one night...
It was really cool and interesting, so here comes the story!
(by the way, in my dream, that character "Senshi" looked an awful lot like Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh...)

Chapter 1: It was a dark and stormy night...
Darkness pervaded the room...But lightning flashed!
Senshi: *sigh* Why won't that storm let up?!
Senshi had been trying to sleep...However, this lightning storm was going on for quite a while...His room was almost completely dark, except for when lightning flashed...
He tossed and turned...but no avail; he just couldn't sleep...
Senshi: I wonder how it looks outside...
Senshi walked over to his window. He could see the land spread out before him, with houses and buildings off in the distance...A flash of lightning here and there...Rain pouring down, lightly, then harder, lightly, then harder...
Senshi: I wonder how it feels outside...
*Senshi opens the window...*
Senshi: AHH!
*wind and rain blows in, and he is knocked onto the ground...various objects fall off of his shelves...*
*he quickly closes the window*
Senshi: Okay...that was interesting...*sigh*
So, he plopped back down onto his bed again, and wondered what he should do...
Senshi: There's no way I'm going to be able to fall asleep with all of that lightning and noise going on...What should I do?
He glanced around his room, and his eyes fell on a medium-sized brown wicker basket...
Senshi: I completely forgot about the chocolates that Miranda gave me! I bet that they're good...
He got up from his bed, and approached the basket.
As he reached out to pull off the top of it...
*the basket lid slightly pops open, without him touching it*
Senshi: *slight gasp* *backs away a little*
*gloves pop out of the side of the basket*
Senshi: *horrifyed face*
*shoes pop out of the bottom of the basket*
Senshi: *continum of horrifyed face*
*eyes appear at the top of the basket, where you'd pull on it to open it*
Senshi: YEEARRG!
Basket: Shush, now! You'll wake 'em all up!
Senshi: *paralyzed with fear*
Basket: There, now. That's better. No need to be afraid o' me!
Senshi: *backs away* *stares at door, as if wanting to open it*
Basket: No need to run, now! Stay here, stay! It won't do you no good!
*a few moments of silence pass...*
Senshi: W-W-W-What are y-y-you?
Basket: What am I? Don't you mean "Who am I"?
Senshi: *is still horror stricken*
Senshi: W-W-W-Who are y-y-you?
Basket: *laughs* Boy, you're talking crazily! You sound like a squeaky wheel!
*silence, again...*
Basket: *laughs, again* Ay, you're a curious type, boy...It might be a little rough gettin' you to start on your way...
Senshi: W-what w-w-way?
Basket: There you go again, stuttering away like a car runnin' out o' gas...
Senshi: WHAT WAY?!
Basket: Ay, you've got a temper there too, boy...
Senshi: *sigh* What way?
Basket: That's better, now. Before I give you the details, I might as well tell you who I am...I am BasketMan.
Senshi: ..."BasketMan"?
BasketMan: Yes; BasketMan.
Senshi: I think I'm delirious...This is certainly a dream...
BasketMan: No, no, no! Boy, this is the start of your journey!
Senshi: My...what?
BasketMan: You've got a quest to fufill!
Senshi: What are you talking about?!
BasketMan: As you can see, I ain't an ordinary basket of chocolates.
Senshi: Wow, I didn't notice THAT before...*rolls eyes*
BasketMan: Ahem, anyway...You see, you're cousin Miranda that visited earlier today gave you this basket, and you didn't go to open it until just now...and then, I came to life...
Senshi: And, how exactly did that happen?
BasketMan: Miranda found this basket at the local market, ya see...The merchant said there was only one left, and she bought it just for you. However, when she went to open it, just to see what was inside...I appeared.
Senshi: How did she react to that?!
BasketMan: All ya humans are the same...She was horrifyed, just like you, and eventually summoned up the courage to speak like a living thing, rather than a creaky door.
Senshi: So, how did you get here?!
BasketMan: Ay, that be a long story...I'll tell you when we're on our way.
Senshi: What is this "way"?
BasketMan: Oh, you'll find out soon enough.
Senshi: Tell me now!
BasketMan: I certainly don't think that you're ready.
Senshi: Tell me!
BasketMan: Sheesh, settle down, boy...
BasketMan: o_o;; Okay...Settle down, "Senshi"...
Senshi: *is fuming with anger*
BasketMan: *is totally calm* Now, according to legend, the young boy that receives me shall be transported to our land, and become a warrior!
Senshi: O_o I'm not a "warrior"...
BasketMan: You will be, once I'm through with you!
Senshi: I can't leave! I live here! I've got...homework!
BasketMan: You're coming with!
Senshi: o_o
BasketMan: ^_^ Here we go!