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Chapter 10: A Land of Flowers

Senshi: So...where are we going to next?

BasketMan: Well...I haven't really thought of that yet...There are lots of Lands that are in trouble, and lots of Lands to get Emblems from...

Senshi: You're a great help. -_-;

BasketMan: HEY! You wouldn't have gotten this far without me!

Tenmei: And me!

Senshi: ...Well, I guess you're right...

Tenmei: What's the most interesting Land?

BasketMan: There is a FloralLand, full of flowers and plants...

Tenmei: Oooh! Pretty!

Senshi: NO flowers! NO plants! I'm alergic!

Tenmei: Who cares? I want to see the foliage!

BasketMan: Teleport: FloralLand!

Senshi: Noooooooooooo!

*suddenly, everyone appeared in a field, with trees and flowers all around...*

Senshi: AHHHHHHH-CHOOO! *sniffle*

Tenmei: *stars appear in eyes* Oh, everything is so pretty!

Senshi: Why did it have to be FloralLand...?

Tenmei: Just shut up and enjoy the beautiful landscape!

Senshi: Whatever...*sneeze*

BasketMan: This is one of the larger Lands, so there are many places that the Emblem could be...

Basketta: This Lands' Emblem is the White Rose Emblem. Apperantly, there's a castle here somewhere that has it, but who knows what's happened to it now.

Senshi: Yeah, after the Unscrupulous Rice Cake Theives incident, anything is possible. *sneezes* UGH! Couldn't we have gone to 'Allergy-Free Land' or something?! *sneezes* *eyes water*

Tenmei: Wow! Look! There's a town over there! *runs off*

BasketMan: We'd better do what she says *goes to follow her*

Senshi: HEY! I thought that I was the warrior of destiny!

BasketMan: Now both of you are actually equal, as far as the 'warrior of destiny' thing goes.

Senshi: That's not fair!

BasketMan: That's the way it's going to be, kiddo! Let's continue on, shall we?

Senshi: *sighs*

*later on...*

Tenmei: And I want that, and that, and that...

Senshi: We don't have a lot of money, Tenmei, and besides, we should be spending it on battle gear and weapons...not dresses and stuffed animals!

Tenmei: But...but...I WANT THAT TEDDY BEAR!

Senshi: Will a teddy bear help us defeat the forces of evil?

Tenmei: ...

Shopkeeper: Well, actually, that teddy bear increases Magic Defense by 10.

Senshi: o_o?!

Tenmei: We're buying it! ^_^

*sound effect: Ka-ching!*

*they leave the store*

Tenmei: See, I knew that there was something special about that teddy bear!

Senshi: You just wanted it because you thought that it was 'cute', I'm sure.

Tenmei: That is SO not true. *hugs teddy bear*

Senshi: *rolls eyes*

BasketMan: There you go, rolling your eyes again! What is your problem, boy?!

Basketta: Come on, now, we've got to try to find a castle somewhere! There's no time for fighting!

Senshi: So, where do we go now?

*bushes rustle*

Senshi: Ah! *draws sword* Who's there?! If it's the Unscrupulous Rice Cake Theives again, I swear I'll...um...hurt them!

*a giant flower looms up out of the bush*

Senshi and Tenmei: O_O!

*the giant flower smiles*

Senshi: AHHHH! *screams and hides behind a different bush*

Tenmei: Get out of there! This is an enemy! We have to fight it!

Senshi: *peers out of bush* I don't want to get near that...that...THING...

BasketMan: Come out and fight, boy!

*another giant flower creeps behind Senshi, and taps him on the shoulder with one of its leaves*

Senshi: Who's there...?! *turns around* EEEEEEEEK! *slices with sword*

Basketta: See, that wasn't so hard! Now, Tenmei, get the other one!

Tenmei: Hi-ya! *slices flower*

*even LATER on...*

Tenmei: Whew...

Senshi: *sneeze* I'm...*gasp* so... *cough* ...tired...*nearly passes out*

BasketMan: It's a good thing that we're near the town, because an Inn is there. You both sure leveled up a lot! Let's go back...You should save your progress with that scribe, there.

Senshi: I can hardly move...but, I'll try...*walks over* Can I save my progress?

Scribe: Alright! *begins writing quickly*

Senshi: They all write at the same pace...

Scribe: Your progress has been saved!

*scribe shows Senshi the page*

*Page One:

Senshi, Level 11

Tenmei, Level 11

Entry One: Floweria, FlowerLand

Play Time: 5 hours and 17 minutes*

Senshi: Thanks...

BasketMan: Now, let's stay at the Inn.

*in the morning...*

Senshi: I still don't understand how I can fall asleep on an instant, and wake up the next day all of a sudden!

BasketMan: That's just how things work, boy!

Senshi: Okay...Now, where do we go?

*they walk out of the Inn*

Basketta: We have enough items, you've leveled up, and-

*a rumbling sound is heard in the distance*

Tenmei: What could that be?!

*the rumbling gets louder, and seems to be coming towards them*

BasketMan: It sounds close! Let's back up!

*they back away from the street*

*yelling and shouting is heard*

Senshi: It sounds pretty intense, whatever it is.

*a crowd of people rush past them, and down the street, and break-neck speed*

Tenmei: I wonder what that was all about...

BasketMan: It might have something to do with the Emblem! Let's check it out!

*they follow the crowd*

Senshi: *at the side of the crowd* What's going on, here? What are you all doing?

Crowd Member 1: We're trying to go after the Tulip Tyrant! *continues running*

Senshi: Tulip Tyrant? Who is that?!

Crowd Member 1: They take all of our tulips from our fields and gardens! And, they are starting to take other flowers too! We may have none left!

Tenmei: *gasps* Something must be done!

Senshi: Yeah, what would be the point of FlowerLand without flowers...?

Crowd Member 2: They just posted a decree on our town bullilten board that, starting tomorrow, they'll begin to remove all of the flowers in FlowerLand, and plant them in their garden instead! They want to make their castle the best, and let the rest of us suffer!

Tenmei: Where is their castle?

Crowd Member 3: That's where we're going now! Just follow us! See, there it is!

*points to large white castle in the distance*

*once they get to the castle...*

*the crowd begins to cross the bridge to get inside, but a group of guards stop them*

Guard 1: I'm sorry, but you people have no permission to gain access to the castle.

Guard 2: You can't come in.

Senshi: *squeezes through crowd* Listen, we ARE going to get inside, whether you like it or not.

Guard 1: *raises an eyebrow* Yeah, right!

Senshi: Double-Attack! *attacks guards twice*

Hi-ya! *guards are defeated* Ha-ha! *twirls sword* Let's go inside!

*tries opening main door*

*door doesn't open*

Electronic Voice: Sorry, but you must first say the secret password in order to enter.

Senshi: Whoops, I forgot to ask the guards the password before I destroyed them...Heh heh...^_^;;

Tenmei: You moron! We might not be able to get inside now!

Senshi: ...There's always a secret way to get inside, right BasketMan?

BasketMan: There usually is! I think you're getting the hang of this now...

Senshi: So, what do we do to get in?

Voice: You don't need to go inside! I'm right here!

*the crowd turns around*

The Crowd: *gasps* THE TULIP TYRANT!

Tulip Tyrant: Yes, the one and only me! *giggles* I'm the one you wanted, right?

The Crowd: *menacing glare at the Tulip Tyrant*

Tulip Tyrant: Are you upset that I want to take all of your precious little flowers? Aw, you poor things! ...NOT! I don't care about your feelings! My castle will be the best place in all of FlowerLand once I have all of the flowers! I'll be in control of everything, and have a beautiful garden as well! Besides...I have the White Rose Emblem! *pulls out a white rose*

Tenmei: I knew it! *runs at the Tulip Tyrant, with sword ready in hand*

Tulip Tyrant: HALT! *magical barrier bounces Tenmei away from her*

Tenmei: Hey, what happened?!

Tulip Tyrant: The White Rose Emblem has allowed me to evoke a magical barrier to protect me whenever I so choose, and there's nothing you can do about it! Tomorrow, my comrades and I will work towards the beautifying of my castle, and you can't stop me! HA HA HA HA HA! *snaps fingers* *dissapears*

Crowd Member 1: Great job, 'heroes'...*scoffs*

*crowd gloomily walks away*

Tenmei: So, then, what can we do to stop her if her magical barrier prevents anyone from harming her?

BasketMan: ...I have no idea...

Tenmei: But, you know EVERYTHING! Do you know, Basketta?

Basketta: ...No...

Tenmei: Then, there's no hope!

BasketMan: We should just go back to town, and see if we can find some clues to help us...

Tenmei: Okay...

*on the way back to town*

Senshi: Hey, look at that! *points to something*

Tenmei: Wow! It looks like the other castle we saw, except for its black! The Tulip Tyrant has a white castle, and a White Rose Emblem. This castle looks the same, but its black...

Senshi: ...Perhaps there's a Black Rose Emblem too, that counters the effects of the White Rose Emblem?

BasketMan: It's possible! Let's go inside and see!

~*What will they find in that mysterious black castle...? Chapter 11 will tell all!*~