Carpe Diem

Ideas are flying through out the world, Standing and staring isn't an option, Into the big wide world from cover, you've been hurled.
You can feel left behind, by a rush of people around you, If you don't move now, You'll be left behind But it's up to you, do you mind?
Make the most of what you've got, I'd rather be like this, then stuck in Salem's lot. Many have met, many have tried, but if you wait to long, before you know it, you'll have died.
Have you ever walked through a room. Recognising every one, until you realised it was no one you knew. If you wait to long, you never know, you'll be weighed down, and down you'll go.
Wrinkles and Crinkles will be swift to attack, once you're done, you can't Turn back. Life is short, it's not waste, so whatever you can do, never use haste. Why do you need to walk when you can run, time is a virtue, use it until it's done.

Carpe Diem, sieze the day let your life go your way. Unleash your imagination, free your soul, before you retire, and are out to collect your dole.

Going through the motions, life is hard to take, so use your youth up quickly, if you do, at least there'll be people at your wake. Live life to the full, your life is yours, Then after, death will come knocking, waiting, to pull, you to the ends of the earth, and I promise you this, after that, you can never be sure if your afterlife will be full of mirth.