Vampire in Tennis Shoes

Claudia Kendall. A Vampire. Everyone knew it. Or suspected it. But who would have believed it? My skin is paler than normal, but not pale enough to be considered out of the ordinary. I don't enjoy sunlight, that's just personal preference. But I won't burn up. Or at least, I haven't yet. I do drink blood, but it is not as fantastic as anyone would think. My 'powers' are minimal, and things that anyone could attain if they only believed; as a vampire, you trust in just about anything. I am immortal, although one thing can destroy me. Sufficient lack of blood; either not drinking enough, or having it drained from me. I will grow to the age of thirty, and my physical characteristics will stay at that age no matter how many hundreds of years old I am.

Now that I have cleared that much up, I must explain the hierarchy of the Vampire world as I know it. There are three types of vampires: the Blood, the Made, and the Blood-Bound. The Blood vampires are the truest line of vampires being descendants of the first vampires hundreds of years ago. They are born vampires into vampric families. Their powers grow to be the strongest and they tend to rise high in the business world. The Made are vampires who have been created by the Blood vampires through bloodsharing. They are considered lower class for the simple reason that they do not have the powers and the 'true blood' of the Bloodliners. The lowest are the Blood-Bound. They are not true vampires but are immortal as we. They are created when a vampire and a human make a blood pact. Some choose to use this to create slaves, as the human is then bound to the vampire. More often though, the Blood vampires may fall in love with a human and use the blood pact to bind their love so that they may stay together forever. A child conceived of a Blood and a Blood-Bound has only one chance to be accepted as a true blood. At their first hunt, if, and only if a child mix brings home a corpse will they be considered a Blood. Children of vampires and non Blood-Bound humans are considered the lowest type, and a humiliation, and thus are rarely heard of. I was a child of a Blood and a Blood-Bound, and this is my story.


I was born a vampire. It didn't come as some surprise to me, and I didn't go through denial. When I was born, instead of suckling on my mother's breast, I suckled on her wrist. My mother got used to this quickly, and I couldn't take much from her. When I started on a bottle, my parents gave me some water, but mainly blood was in my bottle. I had telepathy between my parents and I before I could talk. We had a large dog, a Boxer, and by the time I was four, my father had taught me how to soothe it and drink from it. This may seem crude to some, but I knew that it was a sanitary practice by most young vampires. I wasn't at need of blood often. It was only a necessity once or twice a week. The rest of the time I could eat regular food. I started going to school, and for the first time I realized that not only was I the only vampire in my class, but also that many people didn't believe in vampires. This, more that anything else startled me, but I learned quickly to keep my mouth shut at school, after one or two trips to the councilor's office during second grade.

It was in sixth grade, the first time I met a fellow vampire at school. His name was Lee. He dressed solely in black and fit the average person's stereotyping of a 'goth'. He work black, romanticized everything, and seemed to understand things that his peers did not. He and I became good friends that year, and he introduced me to another vampric friend of his, Andrea. The three of us were very close throughout the year, to the point of drinking each other's blood on very rare and special occasions. Lee was pure Blood, and wasn't afraid to act elegant. Andrea however was a Made. The woman who had made her had moved away a year ago and left immortality as a present to Andrea.

It was the next year, in seventh grade that I was to turn thirteen and have my first true hunt. The most important hunt of my life. My parents allowed me to invite both Lee and Andrea, and it pleased me. My parents had not allowed me to take blood for a week. I was thirsty. Parched with a need unknown to mortals. It was as if I was on the most powerful drug in the world, and it had been taken from my grasp. I hungered for it with an urgency like no other. It took all my strength to keep from bursting through the front door, but I remained and partook in senseless social gestures with members of the Blood that had come to oversee this hunt. It was another hour before my hunt began. The room hushed to an eerie silence, and my Father took my hand and led me to the front door. I saw Lee and Andrea pushed to the back whispering words of encouragement to me. I looked to the door, the portal which I must now enter. It was the portal to my new life.

Finally I nodded to my father and allowed him to open the door for me. I stepped through and heard the door shut behind me. The cold air outside cleared my head, and I knew what I had to do. I was armed with a knife should the need arise for me to use it. I was halfway down the street when it occurred to me that I was going to kill someone that night. A human, just like the ones I talked to every day. It was almost like killing my mother in a way. That thought alone haunted me until it was interrupted by the sounds of people talking. I had made it to the commercial area near my house. I stood on the sidewalk a minute, trying to think of where to go. I decided to go to the skating rink. It would take me another ten minutes to get there, but it was worth it. The people there were unsupervised and typically not the type of people anyone would miss. I walked in, and took a seat at one of the tables and looked around for the perfect victim- the perfect victim found me. A guy, about sixteen came to my table.

"Hey, My name is Jason, what's yours?"

"Claudia," I said cautiously.
"So are you alone?" He asked with a hint of something that wasn't innocence. I decided to play along as a plan formed in my head.

"I am," I said, trying to make my voice sound sexier than its typical monotone sound. "Are you?"

The guy grinned, "I am. So, you wanna come with me out back?"

"Hmm," I said and grinned. "Why not?"

He took my hand and the two of us slipped out the back door. We took about two steps away and he pulled me to him. He pressed his mouth on mine with ferocity. I was appalled, but I could almost feel the blood pumping through him. It took all my self-control not to drink him dry of blood right there. I pulled away.

"Wait!" I said and smiled slyly. "There's no one home at my house, why don't we go there?" He certainly didn't reject the idea so we walked towards my house. When we got to my street, I pointed out which house was mine. The people there knew to keep the house looking deserted, so we walked to the front door. Once we got there, I pulled him near to me. I used a technique to calm him, them began to drink.

Once he was near death I knocked on the door. The door was opened and the boy was brought in. While the Blood council conversed, my father came over and gave me a hug. I smiled up at him. I had no more qualms about my lifestyle. Humans were no different than any other animal, they were predators... and they were prey.