Dream State

Of all the things I want

I choose to sleep

Hamlet's biggest question

Perchance to dream

The overwhelming need

Eyes worn and red and swollen

Dusty and dreary from strain

Limbs sore and stretched

Weak and tired from activity

Thoughts slowing to a halt

Bombarded by the troubles of the world

Needing a moment of piece

Some solitude from the ruckus

A moment to step away

Retract all investment in business

Invest in the dream state that follows suit

Slowly abandon worries

To the far corners of consciousness

Welcome incoherent streams of thought

I choose to sleep for as long as it will have me

Rest for the weary on my journey

Revitalization of the senses

By means of a fantasy

That exists while I am unaware of the world

And yet so vivid that it drives me

To experience them more and more