The Ancient Butterfly Dance

You were beautiful

As the silver moon to me,

With eyes like nothing else on earth

That moved me to the edge of insanity

Time and time again.

Flirtations danced between us

Like tiny golden butterflies

Fluttering from heart to heart

And toting Spring's Sweetness along with them

On each of their many journeys,

Like straying giggles in the afternoon.

Your words were always music notes

Whispering secrets in my waiting ears

That seemed to say 'I love you,'

But, like watermarks, they were just a smidge

Too vague to be math-equation certain,

Ebbing and flowing continuously

Like sighs, or yawns,

Or the sail on a boat on a day when the wind

Is dawdling in its duties but getting things done


And love was a painted Russian Easter-egg,

Intricate and charming

But toppled from its little golden stand

Much too easily.