Okey-doke everyone.
Heres the gist of it.
My friend Stephvo and I are writing this kinda round-robin, if ya get me.
Anyway, its the way we see our future, or our idealized future anyway.
I cant really describe it accurately. Just stay a minute and read it. It involve the

Fluffikins stories, but you don't have to have read them to get this.

It starts with stephvo, then goes to me, then back to Stephvo, then to me...

*you and me sitting down around a proper table*
me: So how is "Stephro's world" coming along deary?
you: Oh, it's just ever so wonderful. But omg, u wouldn't believe what happened the other
me: *takes another sip of tea* And what would that be?
you: another one of my many fans tried to jump me.
me: pff, commoners.
you: I know, they think all we want to do is sign autographs.
me: More tea dear?
you: certainly.
me: Charles! More tea!
*butler Charles enters the room and pours some more*
me: thank you.
*fluffkins runs into the room*
you: oh, and charles, don't forget to give Fluffikins her bath.
Charles: yes ma'am
*fluffikins humps Charles leg*
me: we should really put that sex craved dog of ours to sleep.
you: indeed

extremely old Tom Hanks: And the Oscar for best duo goes to... Stephvo and Stephro!
us: *pretend to be surprised and walk up to the podium*
EOTH: *tries to cop a feel while hugging us*
Fluffikins: *runs on stage and starts humping his leg*
EOTH: Ahhhhh! Helllllllllllp! *runs off stage with Fluffikins still attached*
us: *blink*
audience: *clapping*
~*~*~end Image~*~*~

(still at the awards)
You: we'd like to thank the game of pictionary for being so cool...
me: and our darling mother Carrie, for being stupid enough to name us the same thing..
you: and our high school teachers, for keeping our dog sexually satisfied..'
me: and of course, we'd like to thank the chickens.
You:*picks up the trophy* And thank you to our fans.
*we go home and add the trophy to our huge pile of trohpys*
Me: So... where's Fluffikins? Did she ever finish humping that leg?

Me: *puts oscar on table* I dont know, Tom looked like he was gonna put up quite a fight
You: Indeed, but Fluffikins can be ever so persistant
*phone rings*
You: Hello?
Man: Is this *scuffling and barking* Hold still you damn bitch, I have to read your tags! Is
this... Stephvo or stephro?
You: Yes... Stephvo speaking
Man: Really THE stephvo!
You:* annoyed* yeah
Me: Is it that guy who calls us to breathe heavily into the phone?
You: No! I think its about Fluffikins
Man: Fluffikins! is that its name! Tom Hanks called us to pull it off of him and it hasn't
stopped humping the squad car since...
You: Oh, dear. Well, If you shout "Mr. Cameron thank God you came!" she'll probably run off in that direction..
Man: really...okay! Thanks Miss Stephvo! And by the way! I love you! *giggles* Your the
greatest thing ever! Will you marry me!
You: *hangs up phone and sighs*
Me: *rolls eyes* commoners
~*~*~end image~*~*~

Me: Anyway, that's the third time this week that Fluffikins has run off with someone from
our award shows!
You: yes, we should definately do something about it.
Me: Yea, if she ever gets home.
you: *stares at clock* do we really WANT her home?
me: Well, i suppose not, she does leave many messes on the carpets.
you: unfortunately we have no choice. That guy will bring her back to us once he's done
adding his sperm to Fluffikin's inner collection.
me: Ah drat, it always ends up that way, one of these days we should-
*door bell rings*
you: Charles! Get that!
*Charles opens door and Fluffikins runs in*
me: *angry voice* Fluffikins! sit down. Bad doggy slut.
Fluffikins: *whimpers*
you: *shakes head* What are we gonna do with you?
me: no dessert for u tonight. Now go to bed! *points finger to fluffikin's pillow in the
Fluffikins: *smirks* That's okay, i already had dessert. *winks and goes to corner*
us at same time: Oh God! gross!

*Fluffykins can be heard howling*
*me lying in bed, tossing and turning*
Charles: *runs into room- out of breath* Yes'm?
me: I cant stand this any longer! What is that dreadful noise! It sounds like somebody is
trying to strangle an elephant!
Charles: Actually I believe your puppy is the source of the noise. It seems she's in heat
Me: when is she not in heat!? Cant you do something about it?
Charles: Well, if you would permit it, I could put her down *grins dreamily*
Me: *frowns* Please tell me thats not some sort of metaphor
Charles: *looks nauseous* Of course not! I meant put her to sleep...I mean,...kill her!
me: I dunno, that seems rather cruel...cant you just gag her or something?
Charles: *fearfully* But if I go near her, she'll start humping me again
Me: *pats charles shouldar* Dont worry, I wouldn't wish that on anyone...hmmm, maybe
Stephvo will have some idea of what to do...?
Charles: *relieved* Brilliant idea miss!
me: could you get me my cell phone *points to nightstand*
Charles: Of course. *hands me cell phone*
Me: *dials your cellphone number*
*ringing is heard in the distance*
you: Chaaaaaarrrrrrlllllllless!
Charles: *sighs and runs out of room*
~*~*~end image~*~*~

Sorry about the rotten grammar and spelling. This is un-beta'd so have sympathy (as well as admiration that everyone knew better than to try and fix all the mistakes in this for me)Well, that last one was mine, so next time we start with a Stephvo one... in fact they may go up two at a time from now on...
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