" The Great Depression " skit The scene opens in a bus where an executive looking man is riding in the bus. He seems to be reading a newspaper while the bus stops and a country looking person hops on. Country guy: ( deep country hick accent ) Hi. Excuse me, but, uh, ( points to seat beside important looking

person ) is this seat taken? Important looking person: Why, not at all. Please. Sit. ( motions country guy to take the seat and looks back

to reading paper ) Country guy: Heyuk. Thanks. ( promptly takes a seat down. ) silence... Country: ( Looks at ring of the important looking guy that can be seen protruding from the newspaper ) Say...

that there ring..( snaps fingers ) Whait...Don't' tell me... Class of 1934?( Important looking guy peeks from

paper ) Idaho U.K.P.? Important guy: ( puts down paper ) Why, yes. how did you...? Country: Yeah, yeah. You're Ben Isaacs! The guy I copied my term paper from, I mean, my FRIEND copied from, I mean

one of the shmartest guys in our graduation' clHass. Important: Yes. I AM Ben Isaacs.. But I don't recall you..( ponders for awhile and looks at the country guy up and

down )AH! YES!I remember you now. You're Harry Turell.. uhm.. the guy who was voted worst dressed, most insensitive,

and stupidest student. Harry: Aw, shucks. ( blushes with pride ) Welp.. what can I say? That's me.. The guy who won three consecutive awards. Ben: ( polite smile ) yes indeed... It's been quite a long time.. Harry: Yep.. boy. You still remember those days huh? During the Great Depression?... Ben: ( polite smile ) Uhm.. yes. Unfortunately I do.. And I'd rather not talk about them.. Harry: ( doesn't hear Ben and continues chattering on )Yep. Boy. Were those days the PITS. Ben: ( looks uncomfortable and a bit peeved, but still maintains a polite smile ) Ahem... yeah.. Harry: uh-huh. I remember me and muh fahm'li wuz kicked outta our land when I wuz just a kid. I mean, those were s'pposed

to be prosperous times, but them prices practically fell like.. what? Ben: ( answers robotically, as if reminiscing a far away thought ) 40% Harry: yeah, yeah.. 'Bout uhmm...40% I remember we couldn't even af'ord tuh rent off our land or even pay for them mortagage

payments for our farm. Ben: ( not really listening, but more of remembering a bad dream )Mmmmmm...

Harry: Yeah. I remem'er my mum workin' in a textile fac'try an' she tol' me that production multiplied like a bunch o' rabbits in heat.

But her wages weren't enuff for her to buy us the nece'sary stuff an' she had to buy on credt 'till she finally went in debt and we

couldn't af'ord nuthin' no more. But, it wuz okay. We wuz lucky. We stayed with our r'alatives and and everything went on fine.

MMmmm.. I remember all those great days.. Ben: ( sarcastically ) I remember ' those days '. My father owned a bank and our business was investing in the Stock Market. We were doing

pretty well until' those days '. The Stock Market crashed on Black Thursday in 1929 and we were absolutely dumbstruck. Stocks were supposed

to be doing so well... Then people started panicking and started withdrawing their money. We weren't able to collect the loans we gave out

because no one could afford it anymore and we couldn't repay the savings of millions of people. Our bank closed overnight with thousands of

others and we lost EVERYTHING. I remember selling our car for a lousy $15 to pay for our food and we couldn't even afford to pay our rent.

( snorts disgustedly ) And when we had to wait in the relief line for food and stuff we had to hide our faces so that people wouldn't

recognize us. US. One of the most wealthiest families in all of Idaho. Harry: ( sympatehtically ) Yep. Things were really tough fer the both of us..I remember I had to give away my fav'rit pajamas to some

organization that helped poor people. Ben: ( brooding and depressed ) Harry: ( in a cherry voice ) Hey! Do you remember our graduation song? Ben: Guh. you mean the one that practically expressed nationwide despair? Harry: yeah! ( slaps Ben heartily in the back ) That's the one! The " Brother, can you spare a dime? " song. Gawd, I LOVED that song.

Always DID have a catchy Yeah.. how does it go again.. ( starts singing out of tune ) toon...Bru'ther can yuh spare uhhh.. dime.. Ben: ( cuts Harry's singing off. In the background you can hear some passengers say that its starting to rain )That song reminds me of

my sister. Harry: Eh? Your sis? Oh yeah. How is she? ( Background: "Amazing. the rain stopped ) Ben: ( glares at Harry ) You don't even know her. Harry: Uhm.. hehehhe... Ben: (sighs ) She died of disease due to malnutrition. I was in a 'hobo jungle ' when it happened. Harry: Hobo Jungle? Ben: Yeah. Those train yard camps where freight train workers stayed and traveled. Harry: Oh. ( but still looks like he doesn't quite understand ) Ben: When I went back to my family in the Hoovervilles ( looks at Harry's questioning look ), those shabby, smelly sections of town

where houses were made out of flattened tin cans and old crates an' other junk, my sister was already dying. Her last words were' Please...

no more beans 'Then.. she died. Harry: ( wipes a tear and blows into a hanky. Background: a bit of sobbing and" That's SO saaaad") ( sniffs ) I remember my favorite pet

turtle dying too...(honks nose) My poor pet ' Dudley '... Ben: ( not paying much attention to Harry ) I remember seeing many people I knew sleeping inside old rusted car bodies, and my friend's

family living in a teeny piano box. I remember stealing and degrading myself to begging for scraps of food just so that my mom and little

brother could eat. I even had to scrounge GARBAGE cans for some scarps.( shakes head ) The most we ever got to eat were beans, stew or soup. silence...

Harry: Good thing Te'dy Roousey'velt called Congress and created this here ' New Deal ' thing.


Harry: To provide relief to needy, give jobs and encourage business and reform the government..


Harry: ( sighs happily ) Yep. Those were the days.. Ben: ( stands up and looks disgustedly at Harry ) I HATED those days, and I can't BELIEVE you actually made me remember them. Do you know many

TIMES I've had to visit the shrink? Huh? Do you? Thanks. Thanks a lot. If I ever need an unhappy trip down memory lane I'll be sure to call

you.( stalks out of bus door ) Harry: ( cheerfully ) Hey, sure! Any time! ( waves to Ben )See yuh later! Gosh. It's nice to be needed ( grins with pride then notices the dirty

looks that passengers are giving him and says innocently.. ) What?