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Nogard shifted the toe of his shoe in the snow. It was October in New York and the snow had just begun to make its yearly rounds. He drew back on his smoke, waiting anxiously for the call. Recently, he had been placed on a homicide case. This one was special though. He was on his own.

The pay phone next to him rang. The voice on the other end startled him. "Well my friend, I've got good news and, well, not so good news."

Nogard addressed the voice calmly. "Let's start with the good."

"This guy, Bernie, he isn't our man."

"Go on with the bad." Nogard unconsciously drew faces in the soft powder.

"It's your brother, he's our last suspect." Nogard blew out a gray cloud of death and smiled. "I kind of figured I was going to have some fun with this."

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