I finally got around to typing the letter chapter 5, sorry for taking so long!


To understand why I killed myself you must first understand why a rose loses its beauty before it dies. I was in no way a rose myself. Life had lost its beauty to me. I started to hate everything around me. The Gesinelli family offered a way to give life back its beauty through money and wealth.

Since I was part of the law, I felt that I could also use those skills for more suitable purposes. I knew how stupid that would sound to you guys, but it had led me to a new life. Vito was the first man inside the family that I met who shared the same ideas. He took a different path though, he married into the family.

We both knew what we had wanted and how to get it. We killed for cash, we played the roles of bounty hunters. This city isn't a great place for not repaying certain kinds of debts. It wasn't till now that I became scared of the person I was becoming. I could tell that Vito was the same way, but there's something very different about him. He chooses when he wants his emotions to surface, he's cold.

I wanted out and this was the only way I could do it. Now its up to you guys to stop Vito before he makes a big mistake. His eyes are bigger than his stomach; he's convinced everybody that the don is the next target and they aren't showing any mercy. Seems there are too many people who will pay to see the boss dead. Vito said something about buying him off or something like that, I didn't really understand what he was talking about. Heh, he said they'll make mince meat of him, but not if you guys get to him before he gets to the don. My advice to you guys though, take'm both out.

-Lenny Topowitz


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