A/N: I just want everyone to know that all the names are real things named by me (well, except one), and I really do name things randomly... sad, isn't it? Oh well, I have fun. ^_^ Anywho, this is just a little silly something that practically made itself! Have fun!

Everything I see, I name.

The tree outside is Kelly.

The pink monkey on my friend's key chain.

His name is simply Sally.

Toby is yet another tree

Growing in my lawn.

Then, of course, there's Charlie,

My cousin's stuffed animal dog.

Not to forget Gracie Lou,

The cot I had at camp.

And I'll always remember little Miss. Moo

Though falling in the bathtub left her quite damp.

Mr. Pig is next, you see,

Because he is really a duck.

Then Mr. Duck comes after he,

Because he is a pig - just their luck!

Dorothy, the fluffy elephant, my fave,

Is sitting on my cousin's bed.

This cousin of mine is really quite brave

For she also has Lucy, the red snake, by her head.

I also must mention Fred, the brown moose,

For he's an exceptional beast.

Then there's Drew, a bush on the loose,

Who has some new, lovely green leaves.

Not to leave out Georgio, the muse,

My friend's very own penguin pal

Then Bobbert, the lanyard my silly cat chews,

And always, Gretchen, the turtle gal.
A/N: I'm not sure if that finishes right, but that's where my pen stopped writing. Reviews appreciated!