The Crash
I laid there, looking at what was supposed to be the roof of our car, though it hadn't registered what had just happened in my mind. Mum, Dad, Matt and I were driving down the road, it was night-time and dad was yawing a fair bit, but we didn't take any notice of it. Closing my eyes for a second, I heard mum scream, my eyes snapped open on to see a massive truck coming head onto us, I screamed, but it was too late, the truck smashed head on into us, I think the car span but I wasn't to sure, but I could tell that the car was rolling. Rolling down something steep. The last thing I remember there was the car coming to a sudden halt and my head slammed into the window and I was lost into unconsciousness.

When I awoke, I couldn't tell what anything was, I thought it had all been a bad dream but it wasn't. I couldn't feel my legs and I had a horrible stabbing pain in my side and wrist. I couldn't move, if I lifted my head a little three things would happen. One my pain in my stomach becomes beyond recognition, two my head hit something and three my head was pounding like anything, which I guessed was from hitting the window when we were rolling. So that's how I am now, just laying here starring at what I think is the roof of the car. I was listening for a sound, any sound, a groan, a cry, my brothers voice. But I couldn't hear any of them, all I could hear were sirens, they were getting closer I could tell because they became louder by every second, until I heard them come to a sudden stop, right beside me. I heard door open and people yelling to each other, suddenly I felt something warm touch my hand, then grip it tight, suddenly I realised it was another hand.

"Alex?" I heard a faint voice, though all the shouting and a sirens I could barely hear it, though I knew that voice belonged to my brother Matt. I couldn't speak though, it seems that something was blocking my throat so the words couldn't come out so I squeezed his hand to show him that I could hear him. I felt something pulling against the thing that I was leaning against, then after about what seemed like five hours, which was really five minutes, it came off and I realised that it was the door. I could see everything, police officers, doctors and people in normal clothes. Soon a woman's face came into view and I blinked.

"Can you hear me?" she asked. I tried to speak again though my voice wasn't working so I made a sound that sounded like I was saying yes. The woman's hand touched my face,

"Good, where going to get you out of here!" she said reassuringly.

"Brother" I breathed out, the lady looked at me again. "Alive" it was so hard just to get one word out but I had to tell them that my brother was alive and next to me. "Next, me" I panted after I had finished my words. The lady nodded and yelled out to the other people.

"There's a boy, next to this girl on the other side, get that door open now" her voice was loud and demanding, yet when she spoke to me it was full of concern and reassurance at the same time. I saw people run to the other side of the car and I could feel as they pulled at the other door because it shook the whole car.

"Let's get her out of here" I heard that lady yell. Four men ran over and they had what looked like a car jack. Placing it beside my head they began to lift the roof off. After a little while I felt the pressure on my stomach and side disappear, but the pain was intense. Even though getting the roof off me, the pain was horrible. I felt my eyes, string and water; I knew I was going to cry but the lady put a hand on my shoulder as if to help me feel better.

Once the roof was high enough off me, I could see downwards. I could see my brother; he was looking at me with his blue eyes. I couldn't see much, except for his eyes but suddenly I couldn't even see them. I felt two hands under each arm and I was pulled out of the car. I was pulled onto something soft but sturdy. The woman who was with me before I got pulled out was at my side again, but she was looking at my side as I felt someone put something on it, to make it sting like anything, then something warm was put over it and it made the stinging pain go away. But that wasn't something that was getting to me at the moment. I couldn't feel my legs still, and it was starting to worry me.

"Legs" I gasped out, I was starting to panic. I wanted to be able to feel my legs.

"Something wrong with her legs" the woman said to the men.

"The car was so compressed on her for so long that, the feelings lost in her legs, it will come back, because it doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the spinal cord, though when we get to the hospital, we're going to have to check it!" said the man closest to my legs. It made me feel a ting bit better but I was still scared. I looked to my right and I saw two people standing there, they looked exactly like my parents, yet there was nothing wrong with them. They were smiling sadly at me. I could almost feel mum's touch as she put her hand close my forehead. But just before she touched her hand disappeared and so did her body and dad too. For some reason I wasn't scared because I knew under normal circumstances I would have been scared out of my mind, though this time I wasn't. It was almost like, they were sorry for something; though I didn't know what. Closing my eyes for a second before re-opening them, I saw my brother come into view on a hospital bed. I was so revealed to see him, then suddenly mum and dad appeared in front of him and did exactly the same thing they did to me, to him. But they were gone in a matter of seconds. Matt looked over at me and I looked at him, he nodded at me and smiled and for some reason I felt like I would never see my parents alive again. I felt something sharp go into my arm and almost in an instant everything became hazy then it all went black.
When I awoke some time later, I found myself in a white room. There were empty made beds, except for two. One on the right side next to me and the other over in the far corner. I saw wires and realised that I was in hospital and I had the feeling back in my legs. Though I still had the pain in my arm, yet it wasn't as bad as it was when I was in the car. It must've been broken because there was a cast around it.

"Hey Alex" said someone from my right side and I recognised it as Matt's voice.

"Matt" I said happily as he got out of his bed next to me and I hugged him. Though my voice was croaky I didn't mind, my brother was okay and that was all that mattered. Matt's my older brother, he's fifteen, though he's only a year older then me, he seems to act more like a six year old then he dose his real age. At the moment he was still in the hospital gown and his short brown hair was no longer spiked as it had been before the crash. "I was so worried about you," he said.

"I'm okay, I think I only got a broken wrist," I said holding my wrist up and he laughed.

"You also have three cracked ribs, a cut in side of you that as deep as the Atlantic Ocean and a sprained ankle, but other then that your just fine" he said ticking the injuries off with his fingers.

"Anything else wrong with me Dr Felton?" I asked, shyly.

"No not really, I think you'll be fine to leave" he said, and we both laughed, but soon my laughter died down as I remembered mum and dad.

"They're dead aren't they" I said, looking at him in the eyes. Matt looked at me then down at his bare feet.

"When the truck hit, we were hit head on. Mum and Dad died instantly." He said sadly. I felt a familiar feeling come back to eyes, though this time I had more emotions in me and the greatest one was despair.

"You saw them after didn't you" he whispered. I looked up at him and nodded. "How could we have? I mean they were already dead and their clothes weren't even torn!" he said as if he were scared and almost becoming hysterical.

"Don't worry Matt, I think they were just saying goodbye," I said as I held his hand.

"You think?" he asked, hoping for me to give him the right answer.

"Matt, I don't think so, I know so"