~*Goodbye Kiss*~
Tears filled you eyes,
As we had that forbidden kiss.
It was full of the passion and longing we felt.
But it didn't last forever.
We kissed goodbye.
Knowing this would be the last time we would meet.
This would be the very last time,
Our lips would feel that tingling sensation of each others touch.
We held each other close for as long as we could.
Then they came along.
Our time was called,
And we were ripped apart.
I watched as they pulled you away.
Watching you go down the train tracks.
Fighting the tears welling up inside of me,
As I watched your last tear slide down your cheek.
I saw the splash of it hitting the dusty ground.
A final tear shed as the final goodbye had been said.
At the same time my tears fell too.
Forever will that moment be remembered,
The very last goodbye we would ever have.