The Trees of Alimar

By NewbiaTheElf

Prologue To Part One, 'Half'

Jemima Wallace flopped on the chair, sighing in relief. Finally- FINALLY-her infant daughter, Anita, had stopped crying and gone to sleep. After nights no sleep, it was finally time for rest. Jemima closed her eyes and put her hair in a newer, less messy, bun. Both her eyes and hair were much the same: shaggy brown. She used to be pretty in her younger days, but now age and stress had made her eyes and hair flecked with gray. Jemima leaned back, preparing to take a short nap, when the bell rang with a deafening CLANG!

Jemima groaned and rushed to open the door, praying it hadn't woken Anita. She looked down and saw a nervous young girl staring at her. The girl had blonde hair reaching to her waist and piercing, serious blue eyes. She was holding two leather packs in her hands, and had a very odd, colorful blue and green dress on. She was very tall and slender, and for a second Jemima though she was an elf. Jemima had met elves before (that was an understatement) and knew them to be tall, slender, oddly dressed, and fair. But they also had pointy ears-some just normal ears that were unusually sharp, some floppy and animal-like that stuck out of the head and made wearing a hat impossible, and a quick glance to the girl's ears was enough. They were short and fat. The girl looked oddly familiar.

"Um, hello... ," stuttered the girl, as if not sure what to call Jemima, "I'm Newbia Leogetti." Jemima stared; she remembered the name Leogetti quite clearly. Jorhavu Leogetti was a dashing young elf that she had taken a fancy too, and gotten to third base with (being pretty in her younger days, Jemima slept with everyone). In fact, she had had his child, though she didn't stick around long enough to name her. Elf children only had there mothers pregnant for a month, so no one had noticed (or Jemima would have been in BIG trouble) but Jemima had been very scared and knew how much elves generally didn't like humans, so her in-laws wouldn't be exactly pleasant to her, so she agreed to leave the child in Jorhavu's care and learned her lesson. She stopped being the village slut after that and a few years ago even managed to settle down with her husband Donald. But that had happened seven years ago, and Newbia was tall enough to be at least ten, so she was probably only a sister. Jorhavu must have really liked human women and had another one's child. He had probably used a locating spell (to do that, you only had to have an item of the owner, and put a spell on it so that you'd get the item owner's address and name-that's how he knew she was married now, no doubt, because Jemima had left him her ring) to find her and give Newbia directions to her house.

"And I think I am your daughter." Jemima started, and shook her head violently.

"Nonsense! I remember Jorhavu, and IT happened 7 years ago. How old are you,12?" Newbia gulped.

"I may be really tall, but I'm seven years old." Jemima stared, starting to close the door. "Please! Please let me stay!" begged Newbia. "Daddy, he was in the war against Kryyn, and he hasn't come back, and I don't want to go to some orphanage and be teased and have no home, be just a little halfling and..."Newbia stopped, tears filling her eyes. She hated that word, halfling. Why had she said it? Jemima opened the door. She remembered that elves were tall, but she had thought they didn't have growth spurts until puberty and before that were just normal-sized. Obviously, Jemima was wrong.

"Kryyn..."she murmured, shuddering. Kryyn was the evil Demon-Lord, waging a war against the powers of good. Everyday Jemima heard horror stories about how he pillaged the towns mercilessly, and enjoyed bloodshed like a candy, aided by his powerful High-Priest Jikinaro. With them combined, they could wipe out a town in a blast of light, half dead and the other half begging to die instead of becoming a slave or simply a torture victim. Everyday warriors-mortal and magic alike, for he killed both-would go to battle him and his army of Shadow-Demons risen from the dead, and only a handful survived. Truly, there was nothing worse then Kryyn. It was a miracle he was only targeting the Middle East for now, so people in Ireland, where Jemima lived, were safe.

"I'd really help you, even if I'm only 7,"said Newbia eagerly, seeing Jemima was falling, "Like dishes and stuff, and cleaning-"Newbia's words were cut short by a loud wailing from inside the house. "And I'm very good with babies," she added. Jemima looked at her, then heard another wail, and sighed. Hopelessly, she opened the door and invited Newbia in.

"Donald! Get the baby, I've got something to do!" she called. A man walked out of another room, looking quite annoyed. He had hair like Jemima's, only shorter, and coal-black eyes. He walked into the baby's room, not noticing Newbia, and after a while the crying stopped. He walked out again and back to his room, looking very grumpy.

"My husband..."explained Jemima. "He doesn't like doing women's work." Newbia nodded.

"What's the babies name?" she asked.

"Anita," replied Jemima.

"She's got strong lungs."

"Tell me about it."

"She should be called 'Onni'. It sounds sort of like Anita, or Onnita, you know, and it means 'Strong Girl' in Elfish."

"Hmmmm... Oh well, Newbia, we better introduce you to Donald. I have a feeling that a lot more is going to happen."

To be continued...

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