Newbia woke up with a dull ache in the back of her head, wondering where she was. She was sitting in a soft, comfortable bed with clean sheets and a warm blanket, in a small room that was mostly plain aside from a large floor-length mirror near the door and several lovely paintings on the walls. She saw blurry shapes-no doubt people-in the corner of her vision talking to each other in hushed voices, some excited and some anxious. Newbia tried to sit up, which was hard because her body felt as exhausted as if she had ran for several miles without stopping. She gave a small cough for the remaining ash in her throat, which was enough to have the people-Mr. and Mrs. O' Neal, Miki, Efed, Fighia, Onni and her parents- alerted of her presence.

"Newbia! You're awake!" cried Onni happily, rushing over and grabbing Newbia's hand. The rest of them crowded around Newbia's bed as well. "Finally!"

"Where am I?" asked Newbia confusedly. Her memory was dim, mixing dreams with what actually happened and omitting quite a lot.

"You're in the O' Neal's house." Indeed, a young grey cat looked up from between Onni's feet. Onni started to talk very quickly and excitedly. "A villager came to investigate a big booming he heard, and then made a big ruckus about finding Kryyn dead. The people in here are probably the only ones in Ireland not celebrating, and there was some confusion but then they Fighia realized you weren't dead, so Mrs. O' Neal quickly offered to let you sleep in what used to be her daughter's room, before she got married and moved to another village while you were gone. You didn't wake up for three days!"

"Kryyn is dead?" gasped Newbia, all the fatigue in her limbs gone. "But, how? I remember you making a burst of water appear which melted all the Shadow Demons, but how is that possible?"

"Shadow Demons can't stand water," explained Fighia, gazing fretfully at Newbia. "Even the slightest bit like Onni conjured up. Since offensive water magic is hard to master and rarely makes the opponent anything but wet, and Shadow Demons are so rarely seen due to how ridiculously hard it is for anyone aside from another Demon to make even a weak one, most cities neither could nor had any idea how to stop them and Kryyn squeezed them to death mercilessly. Only wizards knew about how to stop Shadow Demons, which is why Kryyn always dealt with the Circle or others in normal combat instead of Shadow Demons. Plus, once a Shadow Demon has a grip on you, it's almost impossible to get it off, even with water magic."

"Why didn't Jikinaro use water magic when the Shadow Demons were killing him?"

"Jikinaro wasn't the best at water magic, plus he was too arrogant and thought he could take them out easily without it, so by the time he realized he should have tried to do water magic, it was too late and they had a grip on him."

"And the Circle?" asked Newbia.

"To make sure Kryyn was never resurrected," said Onni, "they did a special ceremony. He was put in a coffin of lead and buried under the ocean. The Circle suffered some injuries, and they were afraid of any of Kryyn's minions told kill them if Kryyn died-revenge from the dead you know-so they're going to be trees for a few months to heal and to make sure the coast is clear." Onni sighed, missing her friends a bit.

"Wow . . .Kryyn is dead. This is . . .too much to take in," murmured Newbia. "How could I have possibly defeated him, even with the Dream Ruby?"

"Well, it did take some sacrifice," said Fighia sadly. "Er, Newbia, maybe you should get a mirror." He pointed towards the mirror near the door and Newbia gasped.

"What . . .what . . ." she murmured in amazement. "What happened to my ears?" Instead of being pointed and long, they looked normal and human- like.

"We don't know for sure," explained Fighia, "But I think that the power you exerted while fighting Kryyn was too much for your body. The spell that made you an elf had only been on for a short period of time, so it wasn't quite stabilized yet. Instead of just dying from exhaustion you lost your elf-self."

Newbia leaned back, her hands shaking. "Oh, what a great way to waste two years of my life," she said a shaky voice, jaw clenched. "What I've wanted all my life . . .gone. All gone."

"Are you kidding?" asked Miki, half angrily. "Newbia, you just defeated Kryyn. People aren't going to tease you for being half-elf, they'll bloody worship you!"

Newbia sighed. "I guess you're right." It then dawned at her suddenly the full implication of what happened: Kryyn was dead. No more deaths of fathers, no more nothing. Newbia gave a shaky breath and then a broad smile and sat back up. "What are you doing here anyway, Miki?"

"Well for one thing you're our friend. The fact you saved the world mostly makes up for being a wood elf." Miki made a face and Efed ribbed her, saying something in German. "Just kidding."

"Uh, Newbia," said Donald shyly, "I just wanted to say I was sorry 'bout what I said before, truly I am . . ." It seemed that Donald wasn't used to saying apologies.

"S'ok . . ." Newbia felt numb and pensive with the weight of all that had happened. "But what am I supposed to do now?"

"You take it as it comes, and lose it when it comes," said Fighia. "I suppose you're just supposed to deal with it, and go on living, even if your life isn't as long as it could be."

"Yeah," agreed Newbia. She stood up, ready to face the world.


/Authors Notes: Yup, at long last, the end. No epilogue. However, I will update this a lot-any nit picky little detail, tell me in a review! I want everything perfect! And then maybe I might even publish it when I'm old enough. /