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Chapter 1

It's not that I'd found 'Dating around the clock' particularly tempting. It's just that I'd found myself getting old day by day. It's just that I want to have a nice husband, nice children and my own nice family soon.

I was thirty-five - almost thirty-six. Though I didn't reach at the end of my fertility cycle, problems and complications with fertility do increase with time.

It's not too hard to find a guy who want to be your boyfriend but it's too hard to find a guy who want to be your child's father.

I'd met so many men during my dating project. Old, young, nice, ugly, smart, dull, short, tall, - you name it and I'd dated him. And it didn't take me so long to know that they all were afraid of commitment.

At least, I supposed that I knew.

My best friend, Sam Hewittz, said, "You'll soon find out that it's no need to be married." How she could say that when she was the one in our group that had been married first. That had been married before the rest of us for five years.

My other best friend, Megan Melanie, also said, "Why have to find Mr. Right? Look at me. I'm very happy to be single." Yes. She could say that. She was younger than me and also was the youngest among the three of us. She was only thirty-two. She still had a long way to go before reaching my position.

At least for three years.

They might think their words could stop me now.

But not.

My name is Julia Jancott. And when I make the decision I've almost never changed my mind later.

Nothing could stop me now.


Five months fast-forwarded and I still saw no sign of my Mr. Right. If I had still worked at Margaret's, I would have had more chance to meet more guys. But now I had no work and where I normally spent my day was Sam's bookshop.

I had a great time with Sam there and sometimes Megan would come whenever she was free and that made more great time. But I felt like I was wasting my precious time.

I wanted to go on with my dating project, which surely shorted from dating around the clock project, but there was no guy that I'd known left anymore. Some were so bored. Some were smart but had no funny left in their life. Some were funny but too ugly to stand. Some were pretty perfect and could be a great father except one thing that they'd been married. Take Chris, my good ex - co - worker, for example, he was so good to me and I could easily fall in love with him then I heard he moved to Florida and been married. That's it.

"Don't expect too much." Sam had say.

I looked at her and said nothing.

"Mr. Right will come by himself at the right time." Megan also added.

And that really made me so speechless.

'How Mr. Right come when all I do is sitting, hiding here?'

I felt like protesting them instead I kept my mouth shut and let the words rehearse in my head next after next.

"You should stop now." My deep mind also told me.

"You're so tired." It said again.

'Yes, I'm tired.' I was tired but the biological clock never stopped and I still had to fight the race with it.

"So where're you go next?"

I thought for a long time, try to search the right answer, for it and also for myself.

'Maybe tonight in the nice restaurant.' Though I knew it wasn't the real answer, I wanted it to shut up.

"With who?" It still continued.

'I don't know.' I answered indignantly.

"Then stop."